Make your Trust Wallet hack-proof with these 11 tricks

Make your Trust Wallet Hackproof with these 11 Tricks

Trust wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets in use today, with top-grade security mechanisms to avoid theft or loss of funds. But even the best of wallets can get hacked, especially if you’re careless, and Trust wallet is no exception. This guide considers 11 easy hacks to keep your wallet safe.

Take these measures to stay safe.

  1. Set the passcode for your Trust wallet
  2. Turn on transaction signing
  3. Use a VPN to avoid dusting attack
  4. Always clear history on Trust wallet
  5. Log out from Pancake swap (and other exchanges) after swapping
  6. A public key can be used to orchestrate a dusting attack, so be careful who you share it with
  7. Do not open any suspicious links that link back to your Trust wallet
  8. Have a burner wallet (different from your main wallet)
  9. Use a hard wallet

Obvious preventive measures:

10. Never share your private key

11. Do not share your recovery phrase

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