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arcmoney review

Every day tons of new scams are launched. It’ll be impossible to write reviews about all of them. In fact, many of them are not worth writing about since they are all working from the same playbook and lacking any form of creativity or originality. That was why I created a frequently updated list of scam platforms including textbook scam platforms that are not review-worthy. It is in this latter category that falls. There’s nothing remotely interesting or new about this scam platform. uses the same basic website many scams deploy complete with price widgets of different stocks and crypto scrolling sideways on the screen. I’ve mentioned many of these tricks here so it’s boring at this point. The investment plan of this scam platform is also not worth a second look. It’s the same old ‘invest for 30 days to get daily profits’ type of scam. Of course, you know the type. “We ain’t gonna tell you how we make you this profit because this is clearly a Ponzi but we know you are greedy and only care about the ridiculously high profit (ROI) even if it’s not sustainable”.

So yeah, I was never gonna write a comprehensive (or even any type of) review about It wouldn’t have been worth my time so I just added it to my popular list of scam platforms. But why did I change my mind?

The Encounter

A few days ago, a representative of reached out to me using the same number on the Arcmoney website (+1-716-271-9575). Apparently, he had found the company’s name on my list and would like to know why I considered the platform a scam. He went ahead to share several screenshots as proof that Arc money was in fact paying its investors. Lol…maybe he thought I was a rookie in this game. Without wasting time, I explained to him his screenshot meant nothing. Ponzi scams pay for a little while (6 months or less) before crashing and Arc money wasn’t even 2 months old at this time. Further, I told him about the usual reg flags: No team section, inexplicable profits, etc. There was no convincing me and so he gave up. Or I thought he did. Only minutes later, another dude that identified himself as Ronnie Martine founder of Arcmoney reached out again to me. This time I had little time to spare and just forwarded him the same message I had sent to the other representative that proofs the illegitimacy of the platform. He had no answers and stopped replying.

But my interest in had been piqued and so I did more digging. Still a basic boring Ponzi scam with the only surprise being that more and more greedy HYIP Ponzi lovers are investing. Here’s a summary of what is about. I’ll keep it short.

All the details about Arcmoney

– It claims to be an investment platform that generates profit through forex and crypto intra-day trading activities, Cryptomining. Short-term loans to online projects and individuals.

None of these claims are true or verifiable. Ponzi schemes such as Arc money like to make bold claims with no proof. It’s all lies.

– Arc money started its scam operations on July 1st 2021

– It has 7 investment plans to choose from including 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 150 days, 210 days, 300 days, and 360 days with varying interest rates and minimum\maximum deposit. The minimum amount is $30 and you can earn daily

– The interest rate is small compared to other Ponzi. 0.2% – 0.75% depending on the plan you subscribe to. Many ponzi scams pay a reduced interest rate to create the illusion of longevity. It’s all gimmicks, don’t be fooled. In most of the plans, your capital will be locked for 60 days (2 months), enough time to recruit new investors and use their capital as a payout to older investors. Ponzi scams like this are slow to crash only because it takes longer to payout and is not as profitable as other fast-burning Ponzi. Best to stay away from all types of Ponzi.

– domain name was registered on 2021-05-05 and will expire one year later in 2022-05-05. Ponzi schemes register for the minimum one year period because they usually don’t last longer.

– A traffic analysis of the website reveals it has an average of 600+ daily visitors. Shockingly, many are still signing up to get scammed. In most cases, the biggest losers in a Ponzi are those who join in the latter stage.

– appears to be paying right now. But note that is not a reason to join. Ponzi are not sustainable. All Ponzi crash. This can happen at any time.

Who is the founder of Arcmoney?

While there is no team section, the website has this bit of information cleverly tucked somewhere. The identities of these individuals cannot be verified. It’s not uncommon for Ponzi schemes to use fake identities.

Founder-director: Ronnie Martine from United Kingdom
Chief Operating Officer: Thompson Fredrick from Australia
Chief Financial Officer: Lumini Lotus William from Mexico
Chief Executive Officer: Mohammed Sultan from Egypt


Flee from Consider this review a huge warning. In the next few weeks, I won’t be surprised if they pay to have articles and great reviews pop up all over the internet. The Arc money Trust pilot page already have couple of good reviews. But don’t be deceived. See my article here about why Trustpilot platforms can’t be trusted.

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