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First let’s get this out of the way: Binance smart chain is awesome and doing a lot for the blockchain space. But in the past few months, it’s starting to look like a launchpad for several scams like who take advantage of the ease of deployment and convenience bep-20 tokens affords to perpetrate lazily-hatched scams.

Launching a scam off the back of one of the greatest composers of music to ever live is a new low. Just looking at the name of the platform, I just knew these crooks are up to no good.

Read on and find out to see if you’ll still be interested in investing in this at the end of this review

First impressions

I get the reason why many will throw their wallets and rent money at this Beethoven finance. Believe me, I do.

These are not rookie scammers. Ignoring the typographical errors and bad grammar in some sections of the website, I’ll have to admit the website looks decent; untrained eyes could even deem it attractive. It says all of the right things too. Everyone is jumping on the Defi and NFT hype which is cool if you ain’t trying to scam me.

This is what claim to be about on its website. It is focused on yield farming and NFTs in a bid to revolutionize the music industry and will incorporate lotteries, betting, staking etc. The BEETH tokens will be available on decentralized exchanges such as pancakeswap and julswap with the ultimate goal of listing on Binance exchange.

It’s all just word salad. There’s nothing concrete about how it plans to do all of these and we are just expected to take their word for it. For me, that’s a red flag.

About the domain name

The domain name was purchased in 2021-06-24 and will expire one year later in 2022-06-24. That’s another red flag. It’s a known fact that scammers frequently purchase the minimum 1-year because the project will have been rugged long before the 1-year elapses.

Beethoven finance primary red flag

With the planned structure, everyone can make huge passive income right?

Some of you are beginning to wonder: Why am I hating on them?

I’ll tell you. This platform is a complete joke and the answer lies in the team section.

This is crypto so everything goes. After all, isn’t this the same space that you could create tokens out of nowhere and launch successful projects while staying anonymous so why am I sweating over

Because it’s too obvious a scam and yet many will get scammed. I did my research and I’ll keep this really simple. The platform lies in its team section. These guys are not connected to the project. Not Joel Dietz tagged CEO or Melanie Mohr tagged Tech lead. I investigated but if you are still in doubt, feel free to reach out to the real individuals. But I tell you, it’s just a case of stolen identities.


And that’s how you know a basic boring scam.

These guys could have run their scam anonymously but instead are willing to drag innocent parties into their dance of shame. I’m mad because it happened to me too in the past.

In crypto hype is everything, so I won’t be surprised if Beethoven finance takes off but know that you’d be supporting fraudsters by investing on this platform.

But I was not done investigating so I scrolled down further and look what I saw below. The real Beethoven family is affiliated with this trash platform? Lol. The audacity!!! Come on Beethoven Finance. These lies are weird and unnecessary.

fake beethoven finance advisor

After the above, I was done. I’m still doubled over laughing.

And if you still need it spelt out, is a sham of a platform and no sustainable income can come out of it. Invest in and get rugged. BEETH is just another shitcoin.

At over 200+ daily visits even before the presale commencement, Beethoven finance is going strong and accumulating many potential victims. In the end tears will flow and teeth will gnash.

Consider this review a warning. I’m out.


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