Honest Review: An Investment Platform of a Thousand Lies

bigvaluemarketfx honest review

When I first caught wind of this platform when a client had contacted me to lay a complaint, I thought ‘that’s not new’. Indeed every week a bunch of scam platforms enter the market dangling all manners of juicy offers in the face of greedy HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) chasers. So I just categorized bigvaluemarketfx as another one of those fake schemes that frankly I’m finding very boring now. To say I was unpleasantly surprised is a great understatement. Bigvaluemarketfx almost knocked me off my seat when I dove into thorough research about the fake platform. I pull back the curtain in this bigvaluemarketfx honest review.

The first item that drew my suspicion and sent my Spidey senses flying were the numbers.

bigvaluemarketfx fake numbers

Doesn’t look a big deal to the untrained eyes, I know but let me explain. I kept checking back every few days to see if the number had changed but no, the number never changes. Next, I checked if they were real numbers. To do this I had to investigate when the platform was founded and this led me down the path of unravelling the web of lies spun by

Like most hit and run scam investment platform, bigvalumarketfx was not built to last in any way. The domain name was registered on 2020-04-22 and set to expire exactly one year later 2021-04-22. Most scam platforms will wrap up way before the one year mark so it only makes sense for them to register for just one year. But the recency of bigvaluemarketfx’s registration date called into questions all the numbers and all the big statements made by the platform. Turns out this is an investment platform of a thousand lies.

For convenience, I’ve categorized these lies into 2 groups and given a few examples of each.

Numerical Lies

Proof 1

Fake user count

Summary: It’s practically impossible that a platform in existence for barely one month would have crossed the 150,000 registered users mark. Legit platforms in their 5th year haven’t even scratched this surface.

Proof 2

bigvaluemarketfx scam profits

Summary: Making bold statements is part of the marketing game but ask yourself how plausible this is. 100% in 60 seconds? Damn!!! I’ll let you decide. Okay wait, I’ll just spell it out… This is a Ponzi scheme.

Proof 3

fake company date

Summary: Let me repeat it. started on 22nd April 2020. It was never in existence before that.

The platform looks cool I’ll admit. To further make its offers appear legit, bigvaluemarketfx added all the special effects. You know the drill – A chart providing information on the top-performing cryptocurrency assets, a bitcoin to USD converter. Of course, these unnecessary distractions have nothing to do with the platform. It’s just a way to throw you off their scent.

Like most investment scams, bigvaluemarketfx does not reveal its founder identity.

Bold Statements of Lies

Proof 1

bigvaluemarketfx fake awards

Summary: Most fake investment platforms make big statements and is no different. On its homepage, it chest-beats about its strong security, experienced team, expert support and much more. No surprises there.

But then it takes it up a notch. It list awards…wow. The list of awards include:

  • Century International Quality Gold Era Award
  • Most Innovative Binary Option Platform
  • Most Reliable Binary Option Broker
  • The Intelligent Trading App For Binary Option 2016
  • World’s Leading Binary Options Broker 2014
  • Fastest Growing Binary Option Brand

Not kidding, a platform that was founded a month ago claims to have won all these. Of course, it’s all fake but I needed to be sure. And I was right. For example at least 2 of those awards were won by a different company. IQ option won the Intelligent Trading App for Binary Options in 2016. IQ options also claim to have won the century international quality gold era award. I don’t care for binary options companies but considering IQ options has been around for a while now, it’s plausible.

In conclusion, is not messing around. It’s pulling out all the stops. But at the end of the day, its web of lies has revealed it’s another scam investment platform. I do not recommend joining this Ponzi platform.

The platform is expected to disappear soon. Consider this bigvaluemarketfx honest review a warning.

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  1. hi Sir, firstly thanks for your frank review which is an eye opener for many. I have become a victim of their scam and would like to know how I can raise a complaint against them and try to recover the amount deposited by me till now.
    Thanks and Regards

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