Bitcoin Up Honest Review: Debunking Its Many Lies

Bitcoin Up honest review

Congratulations!!! You found one of the very few honest reviews about Bitcoin up. This scam platform pays to have negative reviews buried. I talk about that in my review below.

Summary: is a scam platform that pretends to be a trading platform to deceive newbies and gullible people interested in cryptocurrency. In my exclusive review and preview of the platform, I easily debunk many of Bitcoin Up’s lying claims, showing you exactly how it scams people.

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The last few years have seen the unhealthy rise of several Bitcoin scams. To be clear Bitcoin is a great invention and is not to be confused with Bitcoin scams. If you take one thing away from this review let it be that. Bitcoin scams are exploiting the widespread attention Bitcoin has been getting and weaponizing it for Ponzis, pyramids, and scams.

What is Bitcoin up?

It is a scam platform that claims to have an exceptional trading robot that is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can help you win over 90% of your trades and make you a millionaire in dollars in just a few months. Heck you can make $1200 per day

How to get started on Bitcoin Up

Joining scam platforms is typically easy and this is not an exception. In 3 simple steps, you can join

One, you signup by providing basic details like name, phone number, and ID. Two, you make a minimum deposit of 25O USD to access the trading robot. Three, start trading, or rather the robot starts trading for you. There are also videos and demo account to guide you through the process. This platform will go to any extent to try to appear authentic to the untrained eyes.

Ironically, this scam platform advises people on the homepage of its website to go through their KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process because ‘it eliminates financial fraud’. You are fooling no one Bitcoin up.


How does it work?

Once you joined, the platform will connect to a fake unregistered broker and pretend to trade currency pairs using the robots but in no time your money will vanish.

Now let’s debunk all the many lies of below.

Pay attention as this guideline can help you spot other scams

  • Untruthful launch dates: To appear legit most scams backdate their founding dates. In this case, Bitcoin up claims to have been launched in 2016. During my research I also found many of their paid reviews indicating different founding dates. Like this one below that said 2018. Make up your mind already Bitcoin up.

Anyway since y’all care to know, I’ll tell you. I looked into their data. Bitcoin up was founded in 2020 April which was when their website was launched. Another clear indication of the website’s recency is the fact that the founder(s) just claimed their Trustpilot profile in June 2020. I talk more about Trustpilot shortly.

  • Paid reviews: I have to admit Bitcoin up is going all out with these scheme. It’s paid lots of websites to promote. It’s almost like classic gaslighting– you know this platform is a scam yet there are so many articles on the internet saying it’s legit. Nice try Bitcoin up, we see right through the gimmick. One clear sign of a fake review is it peddles false information. The first 10 search results on Google for ‘Bitcoin up review’ are almost all positive. Singing the platform’s praises and presenting it as the next best thing after sliced bread.

All lies and I even have the receipts to prove it. For example cryptovibes (dot) com claims in their June review that Bitcoin up has over 2500 positive reviews on Trustpilot (one of the most popular review sites on the internet.)

False, I checked. As of July 1st when this review was written Bitcoin up had only 8 reviews on their Trustpilot official review page. This is just one of many lies peddled by fake review platforms like cryptovibes and many others dancing to Bitcoin up’s tunes. You wonder how much they were paid to sell their soul and conscience to promote a scam.

Here at, we will never knowingly promote any scam scheme. Never. We will never sell our integrity at any price.

Now let’s talk more about Trustpilot reviews. Do you know? Having a high rating on Trustpilot and lots of positive/negative reviews is not proof of a platform’s authenticity. Not too long ago, I explained here how scammers have hijacked Trustpilot reviews and why Trustpilot management is doing nothing about it. You can see that article here later after this review.

  • Big empty statements: If you’re going to make big, bold statements, you better be ready to furnish people with extensive proof to back it up. But how do you back up a false claim? And this is where many scam platforms fall short. makes all these big statements they plagiarized from other websites. Take all of these big talks with a grain of salt because it’s all pulled out of thin air. I’ll give you a few examples.
    • Bitcoin up claims to have invested over $500 in security measures. No, they didn’t. Spending such a huge amount of money won’t go under the radar especially since the platform claims to have been around for so long.
    • Under the ‘facts about Bitcoin up review’ section of its homepage, the platform claims to have won more than ten awards. There’s no proof of this anywhere. I would give them the scam of the year award 2020, but I’ve seen better-crafted scams this year already.
    • The platform also claims to be in partnership with over 15 registered brokers. Unsurprisingly, none of these brokers were named. The truth remains Bitcoin up is not a registered trading company and neither are any of its affiliates.
  • Name dropping celebrities: It’s not uncommon to find scam platforms falsely claiming they’ve been endorsed by celebrities. Bitcoin up didn’t do that but used the same tactics to their advantage. They know most people don’t read and just having celebrity names on their websites is a huge traffic booster. To have an excuse to drop these names, Bitcoin up decided to debunk nonexistent rumours. In one of the sections of its homepage, they claim to have heard rumors of celebrity endorsements by the likes of Richard Brandon, Kate Garraway, and Phillip Schofield, and that these reports are not true. Lol, Bitcoin up wishes. Again let’s be clear. There are no rumours anywhere that was not invented by Bitcoin up. No celebrity is talking about this scam platform.
  • Name dropping Bitcoin: Bitcoin is an awesome technology with a lot of hype. Scammers know this too and try to capitalize on it by presenting their scam platforms like it’s connected to Bitcoins when it’s not. Even the name ‘Bitcoin up’ was not picked by chance. It alludes to some kind of bitcoin connection. The first video on the homepage is about different celebrities talking about bitcoins. Above the video, you can also see mentions of the btcoinmarketcap and the value of bitcoin. Scammers use this trick to confuse newbies and others who are yet to understand what bitcoin is (See an easy explanation of what bitcoin is here). Do not be deceived, Bitcoin is not connected to any of these scam platforms.

Other Popular Tricks Employed By Bitcoin Up

This scam platform also employs other tricks used by many other scam platforms. Check it out below

  1. No founder red flag: Bitcoin Up’s founder is not known. For obvious reasons. Exit scams are easier when there’s no one to be held responsible.
  2. Outrageous profit promises: Scammers exploit people’s greed. Just imagine. This scam platform is promising gullible people they can earn $2500 daily on a capital of $250. Come on now! Not even the best traders in the world can boast of this level of consistency.

  1. Fake Deadline: To get you to open up your wallet ASAP, scam platforms warn you about their ridiculous offers ending soon. All lies. Registration is never closing soon.

  1. Fake Testimonials: This is self- explanatory. Scam platforms fake social-proof to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) They get you to think others are making profits.
  2. Fake Address: No surprises here. Fake addresses are a must-have for scam companies. Most of them use addresses of popular locations, office blocks, etc. Bitcoin Up contact address is St Magnus House 3 Lower Thames St EC3R 6HA, London, United Kingdom. Your guess is as good as mine. There is no evidence that this fake platform is physically located here.

This has been a Bitcoin Up honest review.

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