A Ponzi That Can’t Get Its Lies Right

Bitperfect ponzi

Am I the only one that thinks these Ponzi are getting boring? It takes me exactly a fraction of a second to determine if a new investment platform is a Ponzi or not upon landing on its webpage. But to be thorough, I still go ahead and do adequate research to confirm what I already know. Over the years I’ve become so adept at spotting these schemes after seeing more than my fair share.

Now let’s talk about

What does this platform do?

You’d think a Ponzi scheme based on a lie will at least stick to one version of its lie. Not First it claims to be a cryptocurrency mining platform. Then later on down the page in the welcome statement, it claims to engage in profitable trading through bitcoins exchanges. Make up your mind already. Can’t say I’m disappointed since I didn’t expect much from this website if I’m being honest. It looks like, smells like a badly orchestrated Ponzi scheme.

bitperfect trading
bitperfect trading

Let’s address a few issues

1. Mining ain’t so profitable anymore when you consider the cost. These cloud mining platforms running around saying they’ll mine crypto for you are most likely lying. The cost of running a mining farm is too expensive to want to gift it to users for $10 which is the cheapest plan on

2. Naive ones might ask: “Okay, fine. Let’s assume it’s a Ponzi, what’s wrong with that?”. My reply would be something like this:

Everything is wrong with a Ponzi. It’s not a sustainable business plan. We can’t call it a business. Businesses provide services. Ponzi robs new users to pay old users. And within a short while it crashes and burns leaving the last investors stranded. That’s why Ponzi platforms are illegal in most countries.

3. But is a U.K registered company? Yeah…lol. The thing is certificates like this don’t hold weight any longer. That’s why it’s now considered a scam-friendly certificate. Anyone can get this U.K certificate of incorporation, even you. It’s less than $100 and everything can be processed for you online and you get the certificate in less than 7 days. No background checks. Nothing. You just fill a basic form and that’s it. Now you know why it’s so scam-friendly. The next time you see a Ponzi such as flaunting a U.K certificate like it means something, just laugh and move on.

And while we are on the subject, it’s strange that bitperfect U.K registration lists just one person in the registration document. The name is not mentioned on the website. As experience has taught me, it’s most likely a fake name or a hired individual. The name also only exists in connection with No previous records anywhere. Don’t you think that’s suspicious?

bitperfect fake founder
bitperfect fake founder

How you know is a Ponzi

If you know one Ponzi you know them all.

  1. Unsustainable investment plan: No business can guarantee a fixed daily profit. When you take into consideration bitperfect platform claims to be a mining or trading company, it makes it even unlikely. But we all know bitperfect isn’t any of these things. It’s just a boring Ponzi. Check out the 6 plans of the platform below.
investment solutions
investment solutions

2. Many Ponzi schemes pretend to be something they are not. For example, is disguising as a trading or mining platform. It’s not hard to see why. Ponzi are illegal.

3. They register their domain name for 2 years or less. platform for example was registered in 2020-12-20 and will expire in 2021-12-20. That’s just a year. It makes sense they’ll register for one year because most Ponzi die out within 3-6 months.

So why do people keep joining Ponzi platforms?

One word- Greed. For some the promise of quick money is irresistible. And Ponzi platforms compensate adequately when you bring in new members.

Final Thoughts is a Ponzi scheme. I do not recommend the platform.

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Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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