Review: A Scam Platform That Makes Claims That Don’t Add Up

btradecoin review – review

I’ve observed that you do not need in-depth research to see that some of these investment platforms running around are scams. In many cases, the littlest things count. I observed with that the website couldn’t seem to decide what the minimum investment amount is. As is my usual practice before going for in-depth research, I’d quickly scan through the website and see if something jumps out. For the btradecoin platform, it’s the fact that in one section, they had claimed the minimum investment is $15 only for me to check out the investment plans and find another minimum ($25) stated there.

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This might be seen as grasping at straws to some people but knowing what I do about these scam platforms, every bit of detail counts into deciding if a platform is authentic. The inconsistent minimum amount didn’t sit well in my guts. I decided immediately I’m not going to trust this platform.

But to make this review comprehensive, I had to dive deeper. So let’s start at the very top.

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What is

The btradecoin platform brands itself as a licensed corporation established by reputable, talented, and resourceful agents. It also boldly claims to help people without technical expertise to mine and trade Cryptos. Immediately I said to myself, ‘Oh! Not another mining platform’. By now, you know it’s an open secret that 99% of these mining platforms are scams. Okay, maybe my statistics are off, but it couldn’t be far off. 99.9%, maybe? lol

Anyway, let’s go on.

Let’s see a few features that gave me pause while researching the

  1. The platform claims to have started on September 2, 2016 and has been online for 1342 days (at press time). This is not true since no one knew until 2020. In a bid to cover their tracks, the platform creators have hidden their domain information. For anyone wondering what that is, domain information is usually made public by most websites, and you can find information such as when a domain name (website address) was registered. Many scams are starting to hide their information since most of them like to make false claims about when the scam platform started.

But there’s a way around that. There are other details that you could check to have a bit of an idea of whether the platform adds up. The next red flag explains more.

  1. The fact that claims to have had clients investing over $1 million would indicate a popular website. So how do you explain that the website is clearly not popular? I did a traffic analysis of the website and found the page has barely any traffic. It has no Alexa rank or even backlinks. For a platform that claims to have been around since 2016, it doesn’t add up. There can only one logical conclusion – be lying.
  2. Fraudulent Investment plans: Btradecoin website has 3 investment plans, namely:

Starter plan: Make 10% on a minimum investment of $25 in just 16 hours

Golden plan: Make $15% on a minimum investment of $2500 in only 14 hours

Ultimate plan: Make 30% on a minimum investment of $12,000 in only 12 hours

Of course, I don’t need to remind you that there is no legit investment program that can make this outrageously high ROI for you consistently. I don’t care if extraterrestrials are doing mining and trading; it’s still not happening.

  1. The doesn’t function properly. Many sections and links don’t even open. For example, I clicked on the partnership tab and was taken to another page that says ‘page not found.’ You don’t expect these scammers to be thorough, or do you? They want to make a quick buck and bounce. This website is clearly a disposable one.
  2. Of course, the founders of the platform are unknown. It’s the first rule of the scam game. Never reveal your real identity.

Referral commissions

Despite all of these issues, many are still promoting this fraudulent website due to its referral commission, which is in 2 stages—5% for direct referrals and 1% for indirect referrals.

Final thoughts

Please stay away from the btradecoin platform, and do not recommend it to anyone either.

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