Cashfxgroup Honest Review: A Needlessly Complicated Investment Program

Cashfxgroup review

It makes for a nice change of pace that this is not a blatant scam. But I still don’t think it’s for you due to some of its pyramid/Ponzi-esque characteristics. Read honest review below

A lot has already been written by reviewers all over the internet about platform, but this is gonna be different. It’s always difficult to explain a complicated platform like cashfxgroup. I believe the wrong way to do it is to get lost in all the unnecessary details which is what many reviewers are doing. Here at, we do it the right way by sieving out the unnecessary details and presenting you with only the meat and potatoes. If I just made you hungry for meat and potatoes, that was exactly the plan…lol

Let’s get started with our facts only review

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Rapid-fire questions round

What is platform claims to use cutting edge technology along with its team of experts in project management, network marketing, and financial markets to help you attain financial success through forex trading

Who are the top members of Cashfxgroup?

Huascar Lopez – Cashfxgroup CEO

Edwin Abad – VP Trading

Which countries are the leaders from? leaders are from the Dominican Republic. The platform now boasts 26,000+ users from 180+ countries. It is headquartered in Panama.

Any details about domain name status?

The domain name was registered on 2019-03-04 and will be due for renewal on 2024-03-04

My thoughts on platform

The entire platform is all so confusing and if I’m being honest sleep-inducing which is why I don’t think it’s for any investor that wants a straightforward platform. The platform also doubles as a training platform and their academy contains a series of tutorials from beginner to expert level on how to trade forex. Users are expected to join through a series of investment levels. The cheapest is about $300 (300Level) and will grant you access to its leadership program. Other levels include 500 Level,1k, 2k, etc. Users are also ranked with leadership bonuses distributed based on your rank. There are 7 ranks including affiliate rank, executive rank, manager rank, director rank, president club rank, and blah blah blah. Are you bored already? I am. I told you it was complicated.

Cashfxgroup also claims you can earn between 200-400% ROI. But don’t be deceived. So many factors are tied to it.

It’s obvious cashfxgroup is hiding behind this needless complexity of its platform to engage in some form of Ponzi. But whatever they are doing, it’s working for them and they have long term plans which is why unlike most Ponzi, cashfxgroup registered its domain for 5 years.

Its Ponzi characteristics is further underscored by its weird dependency on referrals. You need to have an upline to join this platform meaning you have to use someone else’s referral link to be admitted in. In turn, recruiting more members to the platform allows you to earn huge on the cashfxgroup platform. I’m not against referrals but it smells like Ponzi/pyramid scheme when there’s too much emphasis on it. is also clearly not an authorized platform for providing investment services. The Financial Conduct Authority clearly states here it doesn’t recommend the platform. To be honest, I’m not bothered by this. I’m more concerned with the other Ponzi-esque/ pyramid nature of the platform.

In conclusion

I do not recommend this platform because of the aforementioned points. But many have joined the platform as evidenced by its many positive reviews on Trustpilot. I don’t trust Trustpilot reviews either and here’s why – click here

What are your thoughts about cashfxgroup? Let me know in the comment section below

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