Cenoxtrust.co Review: A Formulaic Scam

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The scams never stop. I have to be honest, I’m bored. At least these scam platforms should stop making it so easy to detect their unscrupulous intentions. If you are expecting Cenoxtrust.co to be any different, sorry to disappoint. It’s just another scam we’ve seen a million times before. The red flags ain’t even hiding anymore. Everything about the cenoxtrust.co website screams scam.

In our usual review style at ideasdome.com, we will isolate all of the red flags one after the other.

But first, let’s talk about what cenoxtrust.co claims to be

About cenoxtrust.co

As is often the case, I’m left more confused about what the platform actually does after reading through the website and watching the introduction video. The about the company section will tell you how cenoxtrust.co comprises a team of professional analysts and expert traders in the cryptocurrency industry. But scroll down to the introductory video section, and what you learn is completely different. Now you’re told the company is into mining cryptocurrencies. Come on cenoxtrust.co please make up your mind…lol

Getting started

Please no one needs to get started on this garbage scheme. That’s the whole point of this review. But let’s humour them just a bit and explain how they claim one can join the scam platform. Nothing interesting really. Just pick any of their outrageous plans. There are basically 3 investment plans on cenoxtrust.co.

Plan 1: Minimum deposit of $5 to earn 1.73% to 2.5% after only 60 hours

Plan 2: Minimum deposit of $470 to earn 6% to 9% after 40 hours

Plan 3: Minimum deposit of $4700 to earn 14% to 17% after 20hours

No one needs to tell you that only a Ponzi scam will promise profits like this

Okay, now I’m confused. The above plan is from the how it works section. I went back to click the home button and it revealed another investment plan list totally different. Gosh, this scam platform is so confused.

cenoxtrust investment plan

Now I’ll jump straight to the red flags

1: It has one of those U.K certificates of incorporation that Ponzi scheme like to get and means totally nothing. But cenoxtrust.co UK registration is especially fishy. It appears the U.K certificate belongs to another scam of a similar name. Or like many scam companies, they crashed and are trying to rebrand themselves hoping many who got scammed previously had forgotten.

Check the link to the U.K registration and see what you find. Here’s what I found:

– The U.K registration was gotten around 2014 but cenoxtrust.co according to my research was launched in 2020-09-20.

– Not a single one of the team members in the link above is mentioned on the cenoxtrust.co website.

– On the website, Jason Rocks is mentioned as the sole leader of the project but in the U.K registration, no one by that name is mentioned.

There’s really nothing connecting Cennox Holdings Limited to cenoxtrust.co

2. As addressed earlier, the plan shows it’s clearly a Ponzi scam. Only Ponzi and scam promise fixed consistent profits.

3. It claims to have over 1 million in deposited funds from over 400,000 registered users. You’d think it’s a popular platform. Only these are just lies. I checked the traffic of the site and found they barely even have 10 visitors daily…lol

4. It claims 24 hours support. I clicked the chat button and for hours no one would respond to me. It’s likely only 1 scammer is managing this platform and you don’t expect him to be there all day managing an unprofitable scammy platform.

5. Meaningless content on the website: No need to dwell much on this I’ll just give one example. See below. What does that even mean?

6: The platform is also being promoted by scammers on Facebook. When you see a post like the one below, you don’t need extra proof that this is in fact a scam

7. The cenoxtrade.co domain name was registered for just 1 year like most scam platforms. It will expire in 2021-09-20

Anyway, that’s the review

I just hope you haven’t fallen for this scam before discovering this cenoxtrust.co review.

You want actual legit platforms?

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Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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