Crestlineprofits Platform Review: A Beautifully Wrapped Scam

Crestlineprofits Review

Summary: Crestlineprofits platform is a regular scam platform disguised with a colorful website and lots of contradictory confusing language. Do not invest. Read my review below to find out why.

Crestlineprofits platform has one of those beautifully designed websites where even if you have nothing doing there you stay on it for its alluring beauty. But beneath all of that is a frankly boring scam.

crestlineprofits website

What is Crestline profits? is a scam platform that disguises as a legit platform for investment. Any platform without a sustainable business model or a way of generating legal profits is obviously a Ponzi or a pyramid. Even worse, it could be a blatant scam and it is in this repugnant category Crestline profits falls. But not so fast, the platform takes several measures to pretend to be legit. In this review, I have isolated many of the tricks used by this platform.

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How Crestlineprofits generate profits?

I checked through the website’s FAQ section to find the answer to this which is one of the first places I visit on any website. Crestline profits claims to earn money for its members through cloud mining that does not require mining hardware, software, electricity, or bandwidth. But I find it weird that the picture immediately before the FAQ shows a man in a room full of hardware…lol

crestlineprofits profits

Can Crestlineprofits just stick to one lie at a time? Scrolling back up the website the same platform doubles down on its cloud mining claims instead it now identifies as a platform that generates profits through bitcoin and Crypto trading through its many expert traders- Unknown expert traders. The platform also uses the favorite word of investment fraudsters – diversification. Ask them how profits are generated and hear them bandy the ‘diversification’ word around just to cloak the fact that this is just a scam.

red flags clearly generates no external profits. All of its claims to external profits fall flat in the face of facts. First, everyone knows cloud mining is not profitable enough to generate the kind of steady outrageous profits crestlineprofits claims it can. Cloud mining is bedeviled by high degrees of uncertainty due to currency price fluctuations and unstable network hash rate. In fact, these days it is more profitable to hold your bitcoins in your wallet and sell it when the price is high than to invest in cloud mining.

Second, Crypto assets are too volatile, too unpredictable for even experts to make consistently high profits every single trade. On that note, there’s only one conclusion to be arrived at – Crestlineprofits’ claims are all lies.

How Crestlineprofits works

These fraudsters have 4 plans any gullible user can choose from while trying to invest on the platform including Starter, premium, advanced, and VIP plans. The starter plan starts out with a minimum of $50 to earn a profit of 120% in just 24 hours.

crestlineprofits plan

There is absolutely no legitimate company on the planet that can promise such high returns in such a ridiculous amount of time. Crestlineprofits is clearly a scam. Just imagine on its website it claims it guarantees interests ‘regardless of market conditions’.

false claim

Much more suspicious and problematic language is sprinkled all over the website.

Crestlineprofits U.K license

fake license

Don’t believe this. It’s what most scam platforms do now. For around $100 anyone can purchase these generic basic U.K licenses. Having one of these does not make you a broker. Scammers especially love this generic license because apparently no investigations are carried out before its issuance.

Who is the founder of crestlineprofits? founder is unknown. This lack of transparency is a major red flag. All that is known is their claim to be somewhere in the U.K (the address isn’t clear). We also know that domain was registered on 2020-03-06 and will be due for renewal on 2021-03-06 but this scam platform claims to have been founded since 2017.

What’s my recommendation?

Do not invest in crestlineprofits under any circumstances. Be warned.

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6 thoughts on “Crestlineprofits Platform Review: A Beautifully Wrapped Scam

  1. They scammed me aswell. Hashfinance is also a similar platform that also scams people like crestlineprofits.

    I wish someone can shut them down!!!

  2. They scam me also,, i put $100 to my account and then they said to me that i won a bunos,, worth $11;300 but before i claim the bonus i need to deposit $3000 ,, i try to claim my profit worth 120.. I withdraw the money and my name displayed to those who claim but when i check my bitcoin wallet i found nothing,, they scam people believing that they gave the money to the investor,, THIS IS A BIG SCAM DO NOT INVEST.. TRY to check there web there are no comment from their investor.. Do not believe from their customer service representative they are EVIL..

  3. Very big fraud company in the world company only gives money to its people and not to others.So I want to tell everyone that no one invests money in it

  4. yes, they have cheated me too by provoking to invest $50, first day, than $150, 2nd day, and $200 thrird day,

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