Crypto-Polific Review: A Generic Website For A Generic Scam

crypto polific review is an insult to the collective intelligence of anyone whoever stumbles on that website. It’s just another everyday scam

I’ve seen almost all the scam schemes out there, so I feel a little numb these days searching through these scam platforms but at least to their credit some of them put in some semblance of effort. It doesn’t fool me, I still immediately recognize a scam when I see one, but at least some of these scammers are putting a fresh spin on things. A well-designed website, the right combination of appealing colours, believable payout proof trackable on the bitcoin network, founder’s name, company registration at the U.K company house, a comprehensive whitepaper, etc. Of course, all of these actions are just smokescreens to disguise the scam but at least let’s appreciate that efforts were expended.

But platforms like crypto-polific gets me mad. No efforts were put into it. It’s as generic as they come and I’ve seen lots of generic schemes but this is on top of the totem pole. The founders paid one of those website developers on Fiverr who have created several scam platforms and now he just copy-paste new scams. He’ll get a previously used template, change the name, change the colours and bham a new scam is born. This is what crypto-polific feels like for me.

But for this review, let’s take an in-depth look at the platform.

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What is Crypto-polific?

According to the crypto-polific website, it offers a full investment service focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It says its best team of Crypto traders with at least 6 years of experience in the industry will solve all your Investment problems.

The fact: There is no truth to any of these claims. Crypto-polific doesn’t reveal the identity of any of the team members so how can anyone take this platform seriously. The founder of is unknown.

Crypto-polific investment plans

This platform’s investment plans include the following

After 1 day- This plan earns you 120% in just 1 day on a $20 minimum investment

After 2 days- This plan earns you 140% in just 2 days on a $100 minimum investment

After 2 days – Another plan like the above but earns you 200% on a $500 minimum investment

After 3 days – This plan earns you 300% in just 3 days on a $1000 minimum investment

The fact: Crypto-polific investment plan is bogus. No legit investment can promise you such high returns. Only Ponzi and other scams make such claims.

Crypto-polific website statistics

fake stats
fake stats

Minimum withdrawal: $0.10

Referral Commissions: 5%

Online days: 900+

Total members: 450+

Total Paid out: $2 Billion +

The fact: There’s no proof that anyone has withdrawn from this phony platform. And when you consider the low traffic on the website it is doubtful if the 450+ members are real members or just bots. One thing is certain: Crypto-polific has not paid out $2 Billion. This is just an insult to anyone’s intelligence. So they thought we’d believe these lies?…lol

Even the recent payout section is fake.

U.K Company Registration

Crypto-polific claims to be registered in the U.K (Company House Website) under Reg. No 11479512. They probably thought no one will check but I did. And guess what I found Cryptopolific is not registered anywhere. The platform also has this fake image:

crypto polific fake cert

How long will crypto-polific website last?

If we want to go by the domain name registration, I’ll say just 1 year. It’s not surprising; it’s just what most typical scam platforms do. domain name was bought on 2019-12-24 and will expire 2020-12-24

Crypto-polific Telegram

I got to know about this scam platform through telegram where many of their agents are lurking to lure the unsuspecting to their scam platform. The telegram group has over 6500 members. If you’ve read my article here, you’ll know what to look out for to identify telegram group scams.

Is a scam?

Yes, it is. Stay away

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