Crypto Rev Shares Honest Review: A Doomed PTC Ponzi Platform

CryptoRevShares Review

No need for filters, I’m just going to be blunt and spell it out right away – ‘Crypto rev shares’ is a Ponzi scheme with no future. Glad we got that out of the way, now let’s dive deep and discuss how this scheme works and why it will be doom and gloom for any investors of these lying scheme.

What is Cryptorevshares?

To put it concisely, it is a Ponzi PTC (Paid to Click Program) program. PTC platforms run on advertisement models that pay you for clicking on ads paid for by advertisers on the platform. Even the few genuine (if any) PTC have a long history of being problematic. I digress, let’s get back on track. The fact is Cryptorevshares is not a genuine PTC platform. Its modus operandi is copied from the same playbook of other PTC based ponzi scam. Oh! Did you think it’s an original idea? Naah. Cryptorevshares is not the first scam PTC and won’t be the last. For this cryptorevshares review, let’s stick to the operations of

How does it work?

To get started on the platform, each user is expected to purchase a minimum of 1 pack of $5. The maximum that can be purchased is 600 adpacks ($3000). Each adpack is expected to yield a maximum of 127% profit in just 30 days. To achieve this, you will need to watch 10 ads every day. The platform also pretends to have an underlying product. For each cryptorevshares adpack a user purchases, (s)he gets to place 5 ads of a business, website, or whatever the user chooses to advertise, and the user is guaranteed 500 visits. These are all gimmicks of classic PTC Ponzi schemes which is explained below.

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Paid to click (PTC) programs- the lies and tricks

Ponzi PTC like cryptorevshares look legit to the untrained eyes but I’m about to train your eyes. Let’s see a few tricks and lies employed by platforms based on this scam model. If you invest in it after this exposé, no one should empathize with you when you lose your money.

  • Fake products: Ponzis don’t have products. To avoid being categorized as Ponzi, PTC offers fake products. I call it fake because at the end of the day it’s worthless. So cryptorevshares offer you the opportunity to advertise your business? You won’t get carried away by this offer if you consider this: If you have a business website, it is geared towards achieving sales from people (traffic) who click on the website. That means getting people to click your website pages (traffic) isn’t your priority. Your primary objective is to convert this traffic to paying clients. So think about it thoroughly. What kind of traffic can a Ponzi send you? Fake traffic. The same users of cryptorevshares as you are the same people who will click on your website ads. These users are not interested in your business and will never be your customers. They only clicked on your website because cryptorevshares makes all users click at least 10 ads per day. So ask yourself: Of what use is this fake traffic to you?
  • Illegal Scheme: PTC Ponzi schemes like cryptorevshares are illegal. This is because it’s clear that no real investment is going on. The platform only pays old investors with funds from new investors. Many PTC programs have a run-in with the law. For example, in 2016 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States sued and eventually froze the assets (investor funds) of Traffic Monsoon, a PTC Ponzi like cryptorevshares. Read the full details here. In 2017, the SEC also filed a complaint against Fort Marketing Group, another fake ad platform that had raised over $38, million dollars and had over 150,000 paying users. Users of the platform were expected to click 4 ads per day. Hmmm…are you thinking what I’m thinking? It looks eerily similar to platform.

The point stands out. If you invest in this scheme, it could crash naturally like all Ponzi do or the government might pull the plug on it. Either way, you lose your money. I suspect the cryptorevshares platform founders know this too and it’s why they are working off the radar. The platform doesn’t indicate any business address. Neither does it give the name of its founder. There are red flags too.

  • No external source of revenue: cryptorevshares pretends to have partnered with companies and other ad agencies that pay the platform to run ads. No legit company would do that. Why? Every company knows you can only get fake, useless traffic from PTC platforms. So why bother? Only users of cryptorevshares place ads on the platform. No external profits are coming in. This further reinforces the idea that this is a Ponzi scheme.

Other proofs of scam

  • 1-year domain registration: The domain name was registered on 17/1/2020 and will expire 1 year later on 17/1/2020. It’s typical for scam investment platforms to register for only 1 year since most of them crash before the one year mark. If cryptorevshares however manage to get enough members to signup for this scheme which I suspect it will, it could then renew its domain registration an additional year.
    • Unrealistic interest rate: No project in the world can guarantee a consistently outrageous profit margin due to prevailing erratic market conditions. But cryptorevshares promises to pay its users 127% profit every month. Come on now. At this point, they should just put up a huge signpost that says ‘Cryptorevshares is a Ponzi scheme’.

In conclusion, stay away from this platform. It’s not worth the risk.

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