Plagiarism and Other Red Flags.

All credit where credit is due. owners did their best to appear legit to the untrained eyes. Their customer service personnel sound professional. The website looks at least better than the typical scam. It even has sections such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering), although plagiarized but more on that shortly.

What is Digital Currency Market (DCM) platform?
The website says it’s a broker that allows you to trade over 250 tradable assets risk-free and with a huge monthly return of 45% of your capital all with the help of Metatrader 4. Okay, let’s ignore the scammy language of ‘risk-free’ and 45% return, and move on for now.

Wait…what? I can’t move past that yet. Risk-free, 45% ROI really?…lol.

Now let’s move on.

DCM as it’s sometimes called will also help you forget your bad trading experiences through its recovery program where digital currency market professionals will help you recover from a negative portfolio.

Where are they are located? has their account in Dominica. Obviously, they are an unregulated broker.

Minimum amount to start
$250 for the basic account. There are other accounts such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and black. Cool fancy names right? Don’t be deceived. All variations of the same scam.

Most notable complaints
Many users say they were able to withdraw once, then withdrawal difficulties began. This strategy is a textbook scam strategy used by many scam platforms. They might process the first withdrawal but subsequent withdrawals become impossible. Several already have their money stuck on the platform.

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Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Plagiarism.

It’s never a good sign when a platform that wants to be taken seriously can’t even write its own content. All these scam companies are all stealing content from each other.

Check out the screenshot below that shows the KYC content of 4 or 5 scam websites including using the same content.

digital currency market plagiarism
Digital Currency Market plagiarism
bright finance plagiarism
Bright Finance plagiarism
finfuture co another scam with the same content
Finfuture co another scam with the same content
iqprofx scam
Iqprofx scam
bitswissfx live plagiarism
Bitswissfx live plagiarism

Other Red flags

1. The founders have been involved with scams before. The scam was traced to them

2. They are unregulated forex brokers operating offshore accounts in the Caribbean. It’ll be difficult to hold them accountable if something happens to your money. Best to steer clear of brokers like this. No CySEC regulation, No ASIC regulation, Nothing

3. They lie about their founding date. It’s usually a bad sign when a company lies about that. They claim to have been in operation since 1994 but there’s no truth or proof to that effect.

4. The domain name is registered for just one year and will expire in December 2021. True, they can choose to renew it but in most cases investment companies that register for only one year are scams. They don’t want to take the risk of registering beyond the minimum number of years because they know they could shut down at any time.

5. They use outrageous unachievable promises of profits to lure people to invest.


Do I need to say more? You should not invest with But many never listen. The platform is still gaining interest. I did a traffic analysis of the website and it has over 1700 daily visits. I guess this platform will not run out of victims in the foreseeable future.

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