Dropshiping.biz review: A Nigerian Ponzi camouflaging as a dropshipping business

Dropship to earn review

For a second let’s ignore the fact that the homepage of the website looks like it was designed by a 10-year-old and instead let’s focus on the actual evidence why the dropshiping.biz website is another ponzi scam

(Attention: See my list of legit platforms at the bottom of this article)

What dropshipping.biz claim to be?

The company is also known as Dropship to earn or dropship 2 earn. It claims to be a dropshipping business. Dropshipping involves serving as middlemen between suppliers of goods and services and the buyer (customer). A drop shipper finds buyers and when he gets one he contacts the supplier to deliver directly to the buyer. Now back to what the dropshiping.biz website claims to do. It wants you to invest in its dropshipping business. Your invested amount will be used to process orders for clients around the world. The website claims it’s affiliated with online shopping companies, big business merchants, and major wholesalers.

It’s all just a web of lies designed to hide what it does – Ponzi

And I have the receipts to prove dropshiping.biz is a Ponzi scheme. Let’s begin.

All the red flags

  1. Deliberately vague language: Since we know dropshiping.biz is a Ponzi, it’s doesn’t come as a surprise that the words used to describe their services are the same as other Ponzi. It uses big language that means nothing. Legit companies with big partners like Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, etc. are quick to flaunt it on their website. But scams like dropshiping.biz ain’t even ready to tell us about their affiliations yet it wants us to believe it has ‘online shopping companies’, ‘big merchants’, and ‘major wholesalers’ at its beck and call. Who are these generic big merchants? Not even one example? Come on. It’s not naming names because there are no names…lol. No dropshipping is going on here people. Why will a ‘major wholesaler’ need you to invest $50 to help with logistics?…lol
dropshiping generic name droppping
Drop shiping generic name dropping
  1. Ponzi investment plan and outrageous inexplicable profits: The trick is getting old honestly. Most ponzi scams out there are using the same strategies. They’ll ask you to invest a particular amount and promise huge fixed profits in a few days. No genuine investment platform in the world will promise you fixed huge returns in a matter of days. It’s not how the business and investment world works.

Here are dropshiping.biz (dropship to earn) platform Ponzi-esque investment plan

Basic plan – Invest between $50-$99 to earn 8% profit daily for 15 days

Bronze plan: Invest between $100 – $999 to earn 9% daily for 15 days

Silver plan: Invest between $1000 – $4999 to earn 10% daily for 15 days

Gold Platinum plan: Invest between $5000 – $10000 to earn 11% daily for 15 days

  1. Irrelevant Testimonial: When it comes to low-level scams like dropship to earn, many times it’s the little things that signpost the platform as a scam. For example, on the dropshipping platform, you have the testimonial shown below. I believe you’re as confused as I am. What do Ethereum and mining have to do with dropshipping? Isn’t that for crypto-affiliated companies? Shouldn’t the testimonial page of dropshiping.biz be reserved for the ‘big merchants’ and ‘major wholesalers’ to sing the praises of the platform? Or maybe even having a few people who have invested in this Ponzi write a testimonial would have made more sense. Ethereum and mining. Really?
dropshiping ethereum...lol – dropshiping.biz
dropshiping ethereum…lol
  1. Website buttons don’t work: As stated earlier, it’s the little things that count. Why can’t a platform (dropshipping.biz) that claims to have big merchants design a fully functioning website? I clicked on the ‘about us’ and ‘testimonies’ section of the dropship 2 earn website and it doesn’t work (when I wrote this review). The overall look and feel of the website is also dreadful with cringey big fonts and font style selection that hurts your eyes. Also, I don’t want to be pedantic but this is just basic. Who spells ‘dropshipping’ with 1 p. What the heck is ‘dropshiping’?
non functional buttons – dropshiping.biz
non functional buttons
  1. Local Scam pretending to be International: By using words and expressions such as ‘international clients’, ‘major online shopping companies’, etc., the dropshiping.biz platform gives the impression that it’s an international company. But I did a bit of digging and I’m confident this is a Nigerian scam. The login page and dashboard gave the secret away. I’ll explain.
regular signup – dropshiping.biz
regular signup

Do this. Try signing up on the website but don’t. This is just a little experiment. Just go on the signup page and pick any country that’s not Nigeria. Take a look around without clicking the signup button. You can see it ask users for your crypto address. Feel free to pick any country and observe it’s the same. Now change the country to Nigeria and you’ll see the process is different. If you pick Nigeria, you are shown a list of Nigerian banks to pick from and required to enter your account number. The scammer definitely has more knowledge about Nigeria than other countries because he lives in Nigeria.

Nigeria signup
Nigeria signup

Also in the dashboard, even if you signed up using a country that is not Nigeria, the currency on your dashboard still appears in Naira (The official currency in Nigeria)

With the above evidence, it’s clear that the scammers behind dropshiping.biz are Nigerians and Nigerians are the primary targets of this scam.

Other Red flags:

  1. No founder: It’s dangerous to invest in a platform that is not upfront about the team behind it. The about us section of dropshiping.biz has no information about its founder or team and that’s worrisome.
  2. The domain name is registered for just one year: Ponzi schemes register for just one year because never last that long before it crashes. The dropshiping.biz domain name was registered on 2021-02-18 and will expire in 2022-02-18

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether or not dropshiping.biz is paying right now. Ponzi pays for a while because it robs new users to pay old users. No business is going on here. Stay away.

But there are authentic investment programs out there. See below

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