Dualmine.Com Review: An Unconvincing Mining Platform With Few Positives

dualmine review

Fake mining platforms must be making a lot of money. That’ll explain the many mining scam platforms that have recently flooded the internet. It’s easy to spot a scam that was rushed or hastily orchestrated. But intelligent scammers put in the time to put together a pretty convincing platform. So let me start by commending the dualmine.com team for a work well done. I won’t blame anyone for falling for this. The platform pulled out all the stops to look convincing to the average person who is new to cryptocurrency and crypto mining. But make no mistake about it dualmine.com is a scam. Later in this dualmine.com review, I expose this fraudulent platform.

But first, let’s discuss the steps it takes to fool the average users.

1. Clean Website: The website looks clean and very easy to use. Just register choose hash power and pay. Easy peasy. It even has a profit calculator that helps you calculate your potential profit for depositing a different amount of money. What a way to whet the user’s appetite. I’m almost convinced …lol

2. Bonanza: Never underestimate the power of a free gift. On the dualmine.com homepage, a beautiful banner is used to celebrate the website’s 2 years anniversary. And in the spirit of that celebration users are offered 6 times the mining power they pay for. Buy mining power of 1000 GH/S and get 6000 GH/S. You even get 100 GH/S for just signing up. A great bait to fool the greedy.

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3. Domain registration: Most scam websites will register for just one year. Dualmine.com domain name is registered for 4 years. It was registered in 2018-03-91 and will expire in 2022-03-01. It’s a clever way for them to appea authentic, I’ll give them that.

4. Founder: Unlike other scam platforms with nameless founders, dual mine platform names a founder CEO Lukasz Borzeszkowski in its U.K certificate of incorporation. Yeah, it went through the trouble of getting a cheap U.K certificate.

5. Trustpilot reviews: Dualmine.com has over 1000 positive Trustpilot reviews

So why doesn’t any of the above mean much? Why is it still a scam whether or not they are paying right now?

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Read on and see the reasons below as I uncover the many tricks of dualmine.com

Reason 1: Mining is not a child’s play

These fake mining platforms are giving people the wrong impression about mining. Dualmine platform homepage pretends to give its visitors a quick cryptocurrency education by telling them about bitcoin being the biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and why mining can be profitable. Don’t be tricked!!! All of these are just to appear legit and get you to invest in these shady platforms. It conveniently forgets to tell you several hidden secrets about mining. Mining is a way to generate new coins of existing cryptocurrencies. It consumes lots of electricity, hardware power, and so on which is why it’s too expensive for most people to operate. Cloud mining companies set up these mining farms and present users the opportunity to mine by investing with the company. But mining is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact mining of coins like bitcoins is getting increasingly nonprofitable due to the bitcoin halving event explained on our sister website here. There’s really no way any company can afford to pay the huge profits dualmine.com claims to pay. 20% interest in 30 days is not sustainable.

Reason 2: Unsustainable profit margin

As explained above, mining companies cannot afford to pay huge interests to people. Any mining platform that operates as a get rich quick scheme is lying to you. No serious cloud mining company will offer you 6 times your investment all because of a needless anniversary. It’s not happening. Only a scam platform will do that.

Reason 3: Domain registration gimmick

These scammers learn every day. They know registering their domain name for 1 year isn’t fooling most people any longer. So unsurprisingly they’ve upped the ante. Newer scams are now registering for 2 years or more as a gimmick to convince the unsuspecting. But it doesn’t matter, there’s more to a scam than domain name registration. Do not be tempted to invest in a platform just because it’s registered for many years. Just this year the popular crypto-minig.biz scammed lots of people despite being registered for several years.

Reason 4: Founder’s name gimmick

It is strange that dualmine.com only reveals the name of one person connected to the platform. Anyone who knows anything about a huge mining farm knows it’s not a one-man venture. You definitely need a team of experts and the fact that dualmine.com fails to identify the team is a huge red flag.

Scammers now know we want to see the face behind a platform. To get around this problem, the founders of scam platforms will usually hire an actor to pose as the CEO of the company. Remember when I was the first to catch softradeai platform doing the same thing? …lol we all know how the platform turned out. The point is: Just because a platform identifies its CEO is no reason to trust it.

Reason 5: U.K certificate gimmick

This one is straightforward. Most scam platforms will usually get themselves a U.K license which costs next to nothing. A U.K certificate of incorporation is often used to win the trust of would-be investors. Don’t believe the hype. U.K certificate means nothing at this point. It’s dirt cheap to secure one. No meaningful criteria needed to purchase one. There are no background checks of platforms before issuing this certificate. It sucks that the U.K hasn’t scrapped this stupid certificate already.

Reason 6: Trustpilot gimmick

Perhaps the easiest to catch is the Trustpilot reviews. I explained in my article here about why Trustpilot reviews cannot be trusted blindly. See the article here.


It doesn’t matter whether or not this platform is still paying. It will end in tears for anyone who is gullible enough to invest in dualmine.com. And I found that many people will fall for this scam considering the dual mine platform website has 61,000 daily visits. So many people waiting to be scammed…lol

This doesn’t mean all Crypto-related investments are scams. You just need to know which ones to invest in.

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