Earnbitcoin.Io Review: This Bitcoin Faucet Is A Complete Waste Of Your Time

earnBitcoin.io Review

Earnbitcoin.io brands itself as a platform that is dedicated to promoting bitcoin cryptocurrency by educating people and rewarding them in bitcoins. Like many bitcoin faucets, you don’t need to invest to earn here. My apologies, I should start by explaining what a bitcoin faucet is.

What’s a bitcoin faucet?

A faucet is a reward system that pays users to carry out different micro-task such as surveys, games, etc. Users are rewarded in Satoshis. (Satoshis is the smallest unit of bitcoin). Since most faucet programs are free to join, the platform generates revenue from ad networks that pay them to advertise different products and for the different tasks on the platform.

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What’s wrong with Earnbitcoin.io platform?

Personally, I consider earning through bitcoin faucets a total waste of anyone’s time because the profit margin is ridiculous. You could be in one for months and not even earn $10. Worse, some faucet platforms even secretly use your CPU for crypto mining.

But that’s not the only reason why I do not recommend earnbitcoin.io. I’ve listed below some of the shady features of this platform.

1. Hidden domain information: information about the domain name of a platform is no big deal and this is why nobody cares enough to want it hidden. Besides, it’s a great way to instill confidence in potential users. You get to see when the domain name was created and when it will expire. Curiously, earnbitcoin.io does not want you know to any of this. If they’re hiding such basic information, let your imagination run wild and picture what else they could be hiding. I’ll go first. Here is one plausible idea

– Perhaps they’re registered for 1 year meaning it’s an unsustainable platform

2. No founder: The creators or founders of earnbitcoin.io are not known. This is the clearest red flag of every would-be scam. If I’m going to spend hours doing tasks where I’ll be revealing personal information, I need to know the founders could be trusted and will not sell my information to third parties who will scam me.

3. Unreasonably low profits: If I’m spending time doing tasks, it’s only fair I get paid an amount that is equivalent to the work done. On earnbitcoin.io you get paid 10,000 Satoshis for just signing up.


Before you get excited and run to a car dealer, pause a second. Let me let you know that 10000 Satoshis is just $1 …lol. So when earnbitcoin io promises you can earn 50% in referral earnings, it’s just an all-hype-no-useful-money scenario. Earnbitcoin.io has lots of ridiculous offers like these that pay you next to nothing to waste a lot of time doing meaningless tasks (play games and earn, refer and earn, install apps and earn, type and earn, complete surveys, etc.). So why bother?

Also, consider that they could be selling your information to third parties. Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal when Facebook was caught selling user information to third parties? This is a low-level version of that. And at least Mark Zuckerberg was held responsible and questioned by the senate. But with earnbitcoin.io, who are you holding responsible for selling your details to scammers, spammers, and fraudsters?

Do you know?

So many people are interested in this platform. A traffic report of the earnbitcoin.io website reveals that it has over 19000 daily visits already. Now you know.

I hope after this review you won’t be one of these 19000 who devalue their time.


I value my time too much to waste it on meaningless platforms like this earning next to nothing when there are better platforms out there to invest wisely.

This has been an earnbitcoin.io honest review brought to you by ideasdome.com

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