Epictradefirm.com Review: A Chaotic Scam Investment Platform


My journey with epictradefirm.com starts out as most investment scam platforms today – through telegram. Someone had reached out to me unsolicited, attempting to get me to invest. Telegram scammers all seem to share a script. Find potential prey. Send a bunch of friendly ‘I’m Kate from the UK’ messages. And then just like that, you’ll be pitched an investment platform that’s supposed to be the best on the planet. The telegram scammer would even send you a few screenshots to prove the legitimacy of the platform. A terrible script, really. One look at it, and I know it’s a scam immediately, even without looking up the website yet. 

So when this scammer reached telling me about epictradefirm.com, I was already getting all the scam vibes. For some reason, I decided to see if anyone will even fall for this. Hence, I quickly did a traffic analysis of the epictradefirm website to see if this website has got any kind of activity at all. And boy, I was wowed. The epictradefirm.com website has about 71 daily visits. Of course, it’s an unimpressive number in the grand scheme of things, but my surprise came from the fact that I was wrong about the platform. People are falling for this scam or at least trying to give it a chance. Immediately I felt a responsibility to write this review to warn others who haven’t got the memo yet – Epictradefirm.com is a scam platform. (Check out my recommended genuine platforms  at the end of this article or just click here)

Now on to the proper review. 

What’s Epictradefirm.com?

It claims to be a fully automated investment platform with no human intervention aside from the platform maintenance staff…lol. It went further to claim it provides the best services for its clients. It uses the words ‘fast and legit’ to describe itself. It’s funny how all these scam platforms are quick to label themselves as legit. No one asked you…lol. Let the users judge you; no need to put words in our mouth. That said, epictradefirm is a scam. Read on to find out why.

But first, how do you join?

Platforms like this have a simple sign up process as follows

-You pick one of their phony plans (more on this later)

-You deposit money

– And just like it starts raining profits into your account or no wait, you’ve just been scammed. 

So what are the investment plans of epictradefirm.com?

Epictradefirm has 5 different ridiculous plans

• Trial Plan -$200

Earn 5% in addition to your principal in just 12 hours

• Promo Plan – $2000

Earn 20% in addition to your capital in just 24 hours

• Special package – $5000

Earn 30% in addition to your principal in just 1 hour

• Expert trade- $3000

Earn 50% in addition to your principal in just 60 minutes (why can’t they just say 1 hour ? Okay, never mind)

And deposits can be made from any of the selected plans with the popular cryptocurrencies—BTC, ETH, and yada yada yada.

Let’s look at the many red flags.

The whole red website is one colossal red flag, but let’s pick the major ones.

– The Website Template: If you are familiar with ICO (Initial Coin Offering) frauds, you can see epictradefirm.com clearly hired one of the website developers from these ICO frauds because the person just copied and pasted several unrelated contents and just left it there even though it has nothing to do with investing with epictradefirm. For example, ICOs distribute their own tokens hence why they need a token allocation section. But why does epictradefirm have a token allocation section? We’ll never know…lol. Or maybe we do. This is a poorly executed scam. Bear in mind we don’t even know the founder, the team, or the advisors.

– Unrealistic Investment Plan: Like I must have mentioned a million times on this website already, any platform that promises you ridiculously high profits in the Crypto world runs a scam. No legit platform can make a 50% profit for you in 1 hour over and over again. It just isn’t happening.

– Claims to be registered under certificate number 11661561, but I checked, and it doesn’t exist. Liar, liar pants on fire. 

– False Roadmap: Epictradefirm roadmap shows it’s been in the works since June 2017. And surprisingly, the roadmap doesn’t go beyond March 2018. That’s provably false. I checked and found that the epictradefirm.com domain name was registered on 2020-09-07 and will expire in 2021-09-21. It’s the same style used by many scam platforms. They registered for only 1 year because they know scam platforms like this hardly go beyond even the 6 months mark before it disappears. 

Why do people invest in scam platforms like epictradefirm.com?

2 reasons

– Many don’t know how to spot a scam platform

– They join just so they can invite others and earn a referral commission of 5%, which is what epictradefirm.com promises. How wicked!!!

At ideasdome.com, we will never recommend a scam platform no matter how much we are promised. We can guarantee you that. 

Final words

Epictradefirm.com is a scam. Stay away.

But there are genuine investment platforms in the Crypto world where you can earn truly passive income. Check it out below

See my list of relatively safe and trustworthy investment platforms here

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