review: A Ponzi that pretends to be ESPN and ESPN Global review

(See my recommended platforms here). has become popular in recent months. My traffic report shows it sometimes has more than 16,000 daily visits.

I guess pretending to be ESPN or ESPN Global makes you popular too.

Let’s be clear: I have nothing against MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) platforms if they are legit. But isn’t legit.
Their investment plans and structure is Ponzi-esque (looks like a Ponzi) with no legitimate product apart from making money through referrals and growing in rank.

ACE Rank Package = $150

Tripple Rank Package = $350

Herald Rank Package = $750

Guardian Rank Package = $1550

Crusader Rank Package = $3150

Commander Rank Package = $6350

You can learn more about their investment plan in the thousands of articles on the internet promoting them.

But that’s not the subject of this review.

The main issue here is the fact that is a scam that is pretending to be ESPN Global.
And no matter how much they try to deceive people about their legitimacy. This says it all:
It’s just another big scam. I checked it out. They are pretending to be affiliated to ESPN Global when they are not.

If you scroll to the press section of the website and click on any of the many logos/links there. It will take you to a news article about ESPN Global Ventures ESports Announcement.

Now here’s the stunner:
Check the date on the articles. Many of the articles are dated June 2020.

But I checked when was created. It was created in January 2021. So there’s no way the articles linked to on their site belong to them. They are clearly pretending to be ESPN Global but they’re not. Espianglobal is just another ponzi scam scheme that has grown in popularity. You can even tell by the website name. If the website is, why is the platform called ESPN global instead of Espian Global and why does it have an ESPN logo. It’s trying so hard to be ESPN. is not ESPN (in the U.S)

The original ESPN in the U.S was founded in 1979. You can see their Wikipedia page here. And the website is

Because of the popularity of the original ESPN, some shady companies are now using the same name.

One of them is ESPN Global ventures which are the first to be located in the U.K. I guess Espian Global is trying to pretend to be them too.

But…. is not ESPN Global Ventures (in the U.K)

Let me give you the details about ESPN Global ventures in the U.K and why it’s not the same as the website that calls itself ESPN Global too

——–> The first ESPN Global in the U.K has its registered address as:
3 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PE

You can see it’s completely different from the address on the espianglobal website

39-41 Buckingham Palace RD. London, England SW1W OPS

It’s worth mentioning that the address on the website shown above seems fake because cursory research of the location shows it’s a hotel not affiliated to any esports platform which is what espianglobal claims to be. uses a hotel addres
espianglobal uses a hotel addres

——–> The key person in ESPN Global is: Eamon Michael Mcmenamin

But if you check the team section of the ESPIAN global website, you won’t find this name

——–> The ESPN Global in the U.K Was Incorporated in 2002
And this is the website:

You can see the companies house registration here. (Note: I’m not a fan of the companies house certificate and its role in facilitating scams as explained here)

But I checked when the domain name was created and found it’s January 2021. Just a few months ago

There’s more:

——–> ESPN Global by the way is a company based in the U.K and the names of its team members reflect this.

But check out the team section. No one resides in the U.K on that team. It’s all Asian names (India, Pakistan, etc.) and by the way, many of those names exist only on the website and have no verifiable profiles or any social proof anywhere else. global teAM
espainn global team

Where the scam originates from

I also did traffic research to pinpoint where the scam is operating from. Judging by the fact that the majority of its website traffic is from India, Pakistan, and Nigeria, and comparing that fact with the Asian names on the team, it makes sense as the individuals mentioned are clearly from Asian countries. But the extra traffic from Nigeria could be down to the fact that an alarming percentage of the population has consistently shown great affinity for online ponzi scams.

Also note:
The U.K ESPN Global Ventures themselves (which is one of the companies is pretending to be) is not the same as the popular in the U.S. ESPN Global Ventures changed their name to that around 2013. If scroll down this link, you can see their previous names in their U.K Companies House Registration document.

espn globan ventures previous names
espn globan ventures previous names

Is ESPN Global Corporation the same website

There’s another ESPN Global that started in July 2020 with the registered name associated with the company Chris Parker. You can check the details about the company here. also pretends to be this company. Alll the articles in the press section on the website mentions the name Chris Parker and use the same company like the one found on the ESPN Global Corporation U.K Registration shown here. But strangely and tellingly, the name Chris Parker is not found anywhere in the team section of the website.

Some of the articles also link to but that website isn’t functional and it’s clearly not the same as So why is pretending to be ESPN Global Corporation? It’s the same reason they’ve stolen the ESPN name for themselves- These guys are shady. And as mentioned earlier the address on the website is the location of Rubens Hotel which is in no way affiliated with any Esports platform or ESPN.

Stolen articles
Stolen articles

And while we’re on the subject, it makes sense to ask:

Why is everyone trying to jump on the popularity of the ESPN name? It’s just so absurd. Brainstorm your own names darn it! This is all so absurd. These scammers have taken it up a notch by trying to imitate legit companies like ESPN.

In conclusion:
Espianglobal is a Ponzi scheme that pretends to be ESPN and ESPN Global. The scheme seems profitable now but like all Ponzi will end in a disastrous crash. Please be advised.

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