Forexcointrade Platform: An Honest Review

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If a cool website is all it takes to run a solid investment platform, will be one of the best. But it’s so disappointing to find it’s just another empty platform full of shameful lies designed to scam the unsuspecting.

Read on as I present my honest findings about forexcointrade platform.

First, let’s start by presenting what forexcointrade platform claims to be.

The platform claims to be a company providing all sorts of investment solutions ranging including cryptocurrency trading and mining. platform also claims to have over 12 years of experience doing this. What’s more, it boasts of 26+ top experts. To cap it all it claims to conduct all transactions in a transparent manner.  The minimum investment to get started is $100 with a huge ROI of 45%.

forexcointrade honest review
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The Truth

My deep research into the company reveals all of claims are lies.

To begin the ’12+ years experience’ they boast off is just an empty statement. The domain name was registered just over 6months ago precisely on November 13, 2019.

The company also claims to have 26+ too experts but when I clicked on the about us section and went down to the Leadership team section, all that was repeatedly displayed was a stock picture. Not a single actual team member was mentioned

forexcointradereview fake team

My Verdict

Ponzi schemes and scams are terrible. But this looks more like an outright scam than a Ponzi. At least ponzis would pay for a little while until they run out of new investments. But forexcointrade appears to be an outright scam. Too many lies.

Just imagine, a platform that promises financial independence couldn’t even afford to update its website for over 6 months now.

Other proofs

Like many scams before it, does not name its founder

A ridiculous 45% promised ROI in just 3 days is a clear bait to lure the greedy. There is no legit investment program that can afford to pay such a huge amount in 3 days

The testimonial section also looks too generic to be real testimonials.

Conclusion is an obvious scam or at best a Ponzi scheme. Do not invest in it.

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