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forexprofits review

In a recent video here, I explained how easy it is to spot a basic Ponzi scam just by taking a look at the website. is one of those easy scams. All the red flags are waving and screaming and very much in plain sights. One look at the website and everything says ‘Ponzi scam’.

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Let’s dive right in

First, the lies about being a trading platform. claims it has 5 years of experience trading in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets and will help you earn passive income without any risks through the sophisticated tools used by its team of traders. A team without names or faces. Lol…the lies never get old.

And as usual, it also flaunts the utterly useless U.K companies house license that costs next to nothing to obtain that scam companies like to use to pretend to be legit. I’ve written too many times about it and won’t be doing so in this review. You can read the latter part of my article here if you want to learn more about why the U.K companies house certificate is the most scam-friendly certificate on the planet.

No Ponzi company is complete without the many lies and is in no short supply of a steady stream of lies.

Here are a few of the lies and tricks employed by the platform:

  1. claims to have been online for 5 years. I checked and you probably already guessed it – the claims are embarrassingly untrue. The domain name of the website was bought in 2020-12-29 and will expire in 2023-12-29. Further evidence that this retarded scam scheme is lying is seen in its U.K Companies House License. It says the company was incorporated on 8th January 2021. So it’s clear that has only been online for all of 3 months. Someone tell me the mathematical formula that they used in arriving at their 5 years online claim. These are just rookie lies.
forex profits date of incorporation
forex profits date of incorporation
  1. The name White Jordan can be seen on its U.K certificate as a director in the company. Don’t bother checking who this is. It’s an obviously fake name that doesn’t exist anywhere else. A name that’s so fake that they couldn’t even mention it on the website. You can also tell it’s a ponzi scam because which other company would claim to have a team of traders and experts on its expert but then register just 1 team member’s name?
Fake profile
Fake profile
  1. The ridiculously high investment plans: It’s the number one trick in the game with Ponzi. Bait unsuspecting folks with a promise of large returns and some greedy ones will fall in your trap. has 12 plans all of which promise ridiculously high profits.

Is paying?

I think that’s an irrelevant question. What does it matter if a Ponzi is paying right now? We all know how the story ends for whoever is greedy and stupid enough to invest in this – In tears, gnashing of teeth, and regret they might not recover from easily.

But some smart people will still try to earn from this platform by luring others to join through their referral links. This is a really wicked thing to do. Never knowingly introduce others to scam platforms or Karma will come at you hard. The 3 level high referral commissions that promises shouldn’t be enough to throw away your integrity and good conscience.


Flee from

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