Fxcryptotrading.uk Review: Fancy Talk, Big Scam

fxcryptotrade scam–fxcryptotrading.uk review

How these companies get away with actions like this baffles me.

At this point, the founders of fxcryptotrading.uk should all be behind bars by now.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a reason why scam companies like this never reveal their founder’s identity. So my simple take is this: If you’ve chosen to invest in a ‘founder-less’ unverified platform, you deserve whatever you get. Case closed.

Of the many red flags that signpost fxcryptotrading.uk has an unapologetic scam, this one below stands out:

fxcryptotrade scam uk registration

In the about us section of their phoney website, they claim to be a registered company in the U.K even going as far posting their company Reg number – 10896754

So I decided to call their bluff and checked and would you believe it? The number exists and here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of finding fxcryptotrading.uk , the number is associated with a different company – COLOBIT LTD but it gets stranger. The company was dissolved on January 15, 2019. You see what’s happening here, don’t you? fxcryptotrading platform stole the identity of a company that was dissolved.

fake reg date
fake reg date

Can anything legitimate come out of a company like this? Let’s get on with the review

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What is fxcryptotrading.uk?

It’s an investment platform that claims to generate profits for its users through assets it has in paid adverts, HYIPs, ICOs, Forex, etc. It’s easy to get started. All you need do is open an account, select the plan of your choice, fund your account, and voilà you could start making weekly profits immediately. There’s so much fancy talk on this website. If that’s an attempt to convince people, I think it backfired. Too much hype makes you question the authenticity of an offer. And in the case of Fxcryptotrading platform, the offers are crazy.

Let’s start with the plans

Fxcryptotrading.UK platform has up to 8 different plans each floating a ridiculous offer of its own.

Starter plan – minimum $300- earn 15% weekly

Basic – minimum $500 – earn 20% weekly

Gold – minimum $1000 – earn 30% weekly

Professional – minimum $5000 – earn 40% monthly

Wait, something just occurred to me. Look at the plan above. Isn’t it strange you could earn 120% in a month (30%/week) on the Gold plan and just 40% monthly in the professional plan? Especially when you consider that the professional plan is designed to be like an upgrade to the Gold plan. Someone explain this ridiculous math to me. Okay, let’s go on with the plan

Platinum – minimum $10000 – earn 50%

Super – minimum $15000 – earn 60%

VIP – minimum $25000 – earn 65%

Super VIP – $500 – earn 70%

Even without all the other proofs of scam, this alone is enough evidence that fxcryptotrading.uk is a scam.

But since we started already, I’ll throw in 2 more proofs-of-scam as a bonus.

  1. False Claims: The outrageous plan above already counts as a major false claim but let’s check out another one. Fxcryptotrading platform claims it has paid out more than $26 million. Lol. When I first tracked down this website recently I looked in the latest deposit section and it had just a single name. If the website is that unpopular, who have they been paying? A traffic analysis of their website also shows it has about 10 visits a day, which is pretty low. Not even the gimmicks on their website with forex charts and signals could convince anyone that this phony platform is paying anyone.
Empty withdrawal and deposit section
  1. Founding Date: Fxcryptotrading cannot decide when its operation started. On the homepage, it says July 2018 but on the about us page it says 2017. Only one way to find out the truth, I went to check their domain name information but I discovered they’ve paid to hide that information. Only a shady platform will hide something as basic and uncontroversial as when your domain name was registered. My research into their domain name wasn’t entirely fruitless, at least I got to find out it will expire 2021-07-11.
fake date
fake date
fxcryptotrading founded fxcryptotrading.uk review

Even with this proof, it’s really wicked that some are still promoting this scam after all fxcryptotrading.uK promises a 15% referral commission. Here at ideasdome.com, we will never deliberately promote shady businesses and that’s a promise.


If you’re not emotionally calibrated to lose your money in a scam, you better stay away from fxcryptotrading.UK.

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Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

See my list of recommended platforms here

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2 thoughts on “Fxcryptotrading.uk Review: Fancy Talk, Big Scam

  1. This company is indeed a scam I was also scammed but luckily I had invested with the minimum of $200 because I didn’t really trust them. Guys please don’t be fooled by this people. Her name is Moham Catherina and I don’t even think it’s her real name.

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