Fxsuccess Honest Review: A Greedy Ponzi-Esque Platform That May Or May Not Be A Scam

Fxsuccess review

Summary: Forget what other reviews are saying, there is no conclusive evidence that proofs Fxsuccess is a scam or not but we agree that it might be a scam mainly because it is structured like a Ponzi.

One of the reasons we started ideasdome.com is to bring you honest reviews. And this is why it’s important. It appears most of the reviews out there only want to promote their agenda and so they go out of their way to falsify information about the reviewed platform. Don’t get us wrong. It’s okay to promote platforms because you have to monetize your website one way or another, for example here at Ideasdome we recommend these platforms here. But what’s not okay is what many investment review websites are doing. They lie about the reviewed platforms just so that they can promote other platforms. At ideasdome we promise to always bring you only factual information about all platforms that we review.

That said, let’s get on with this important Fxsuccess Honest review

First a few facts about the platform

1. It has founder(s): Many reviews claim there is no information out there about the founder(s) of Fxsuccess but that’s just a blatant lie. I checked their UK registration document and here’s what I found.

Fxsuccess is registered as Fxsuccess Trading Limited and has the company number 11314073. And the following individuals were listed as officers of the company with significant control

  • Williams Anthony (Role: Secretary)
  • Barnes Bryan (Born. April 1971)(Role: Director)(Occupation: Financial Analyst)
  • Cornwallis Patricia (Born July 1965) (Role: Director) (Occupation: Accountant)

Barnes Bryan is the most active officer of Fxsuccess because he claims to do the trading and investments

2. It has a U.K registration: Yeah it’s registered (see above) but as I later explain it means nothing and it could still be a scam

3. Domain name details: The Fxsuccess.co domain name was registered on 2018-08-05 and renewed in 2019. Unless it is renewed again, it will expire on 2020-08-05. This means Fxsuccess has been in operation for over 2 years.

How Fxsuccess platform works

Fxsuccess is not a trading platform in the truest meaning of the term. It’s just an investment platform. It makes the unverifiable claim that it generates profit through cryptocurrency, forex, and binary options trading. Bryan does the trading and on the website, he claims to make 8-10% returns every week and keeps anything over 7% for himself. The platform tries to make itself look legit by giving a brief education on its website about cryptocurrency and bitcoin, trading, and many more. These entirely mean nothing and many scam platforms do this to try to look legit.

The starting amount for joining the platform is $1000 which we think it’s greedy on the part of the founders considering they seem to be running a Ponzi scheme as I explain below. Why should anyone join an expensive Ponzi when they could join a cheap one? Moving on, Fxsuccess claims every member can earn a 7% weekly bonus on investment. Juicy but looks very suspicious and I don’t recommend.

But many greedy reviewers may recommend because Fxsuccess.co offers a 2-level referral program where you can 5% and 3% bonus for referring others to this suspicious platform. Please do not do this

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Is a Fxsuccess a scam?

Many times it’s okay to conclude a platform is a scam if it looks like one especially if it’s a new platform. But Fxsuccess.co has been around for over 2 years which is longer than most scams. Fxsuccess looks like a Ponzi scheme as I will explain in the next section but we cannot categorically call it a scam yet because it’s been around for over 2 years and nobody has ever reported being scammed by Fxsuccess. This doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. What I feel is happening is it has not had the opportunity to scam anyone because of its greedy entry fee of $1000 which makes it too expensive for many to join.

See the next section about what I’ve found suspicious about the program and why this is a Ponzi-esque scam platform

Why you should not invest in the Fxsuccess.co platform

1. Lack of transparency: While Fxsuccess claims to invest in forex, Crypto, and binary options trading, there’s no evidence of this. No screenshots, no trading proofs, no payment profits. What proof do they have that they carry out any of these trades? Fxsuccess is suspiciously silent about all of these important issues.

2. Suspicious Testimonial Video: It reeks of falsehood if an investment platform can only boast of 1 testimonial considering the platform (Fxsuccess.co) has been in operation for over 2 years. And permit me to point out that the testimonial video on their website looks like something that was bought on Fiverr. In any case, I doubt it’s from an actual investor. It lacks details and feels off.

3. Fake Numbers: The stats on the Fxsuccess website are fake. How do I know? It’s been static for at least a year. And it looks fake considering the website does not have the kind of traffic that will support these kinds of figures. 524 Average Transactions per hour? Come on Fxsuccess! Ease up on the lies. Also why always 8 years experience? If Fxsuccess founder(s) had 8 years of experience when they started, 2 years later and still in operation will mean they should update it to 10 years. But we all know what’s going on here…lol. These are manufactured numbers.

4. Ponzi-esque structure: In addition to all of the aforementioned methods frequently employed by most Ponzi, the fact that Fxsuccess has no proof of any external profit also signposts it as a Ponzi because it appears to be generating profits for old investors using new investors’ funds.

5. U.K registration: They indeed have U.K license but it’s not a guarantee Fxsuccess is no scam. Most scam platforms also use this basic U.K registration. Other legit platforms use it too. U.K license is convenient and cheap and does not usually involve any kind of serious background check of the founders of the company which makes it very suitable for anyone trying to perpetrate scams. So the lesson is this, just because an investment platform brandishes a U.K license does not mean it’s a legit platform. Take from that what you will.

In conclusion

If you have $1000 to waste you can try out Fxsuccess but I do not recommend this platform.

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7 thoughts on “Fxsuccess Honest Review: A Greedy Ponzi-Esque Platform That May Or May Not Be A Scam

  1. quick shout out before my review. please review, MarketHives and Mirror Trading International.

    Thanks for the review of the company. if i decide to invest in this platform is because of your sound advise. also this post needs some updating because the person who introduce this to me along with many others on the close group only for fxsucess page in facebook did show both on the close group and in their personal pages and post that it shows that there is a back office of trades taken by bryan. and the profits did much up with the trades he has and is taking on every day trades that he invest. there are losses as well which is really nice to see as to show that he is a legit trader that every once in a blue moon a professional trader like him does and could make mistake. but that is just a cent of my research and as to people who are seriously looking into this, as an investor you are responsible of your assets to diversify and protect them and there are really good advise ideasdome had given on this post. but either way, the company seems to be in profit whether it is structured as a ponzi escheme and thus it that way or it is base on trades which base upon my research that it is. and so far i heard no one complaining which is a really good indicator. also, they do allow now for small investors to put in just $100 dollars, but in advertizement they are keeping it that way which is 1k probably for advertizement purposes which is brilliant because it will push away the scam wanna be arthist that always proclaimed “I got scammed!” to get huge amount of money through law suit while deminishing competion or vice versa. only serious investors will get this kind of info, because normally you have that $1k you are willing to waste for profits or you really are looking for an edge to get a head in life by investing, so you push people up to get discounts for potential high returns of ROI. thanks for hearing my thoughts. let the money work for you, not the other way round. and if you are working for money (ponzi escheme) make sure it works.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. Shady companies are known for false advertising. Why will a company ask for $1k in public as minimum investment but in private they are desperate to go as low as $100? Anyway here at ideasdome.com, we will only recommend companies that are fully transparent about terms of service. But we wish you all the best of luck in your journey with Fxsuccess

  2. Now the scheme seems pretty much evident as almost all investors are being told updates are happening and no one is being paid . I haven’t been paid out in 3 weeks and they keep saying the same thing every week that we are almost there….. Not to mention after 3 months which was the locked period I could not and still cannot withdraw my funds …

    1. Cannot believe that they too also turned out to be a total scam and stealing the money of their clients. Really sucks knowing we have not been able to withdraw and /or not acknowledging deposits made from early February 21!!!

  3. Please add this under “Why you should not invest in the Fxsuccess.co platform”

    6. Payments have stopped after 10 april 2021.

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