Hantectrade.co Review: Bold Claims, All Garbage

hantectrade.co review

Hantectrade.co is one of those platforms whose founders think they can sway people to investing in its schemes by making lots of bold claims.

But I doubt hantectrade.co is fooling anyone. All of their claims are verifiably false.

Before revealing the truth about this platform, let’s consider some of these claims (read: lies)

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What is Hantectrade.co?

It says it’s initiated from the Hantec Market existing since1990. And now it is providing platform, education, and support for traders besides trading and investment. In summary, Hantectrade.co’s mission is to simplify investing.

Hantectrade.co says boldly claims it is regulated by Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC). It also boasts about its referral program, instant and secure withdrawals, multi-currency support, and ultimate security.

But do any of these claims have merit?

The short answer is no, not a chance.

Now let’s put hantectrade.co to the sword of truth

Here are the long answers. Hantectrade.co is a scam platform and the facts laid bare below proofs just that

1. There’s no link between hantectrade.co and hantecmarket – a currency trading platform which it claims was established in 1990. But for what it’s worth, I looked it up, and most had nothing pleasant to say about the currency trading platform. But still, let’s not forget the point here. Hantectrade.co is a scam and is different from Hantecmarket.

2. Hantechtrade.co domain name was purchased on 2020-09-07 and will expire on 2021-09-07. Like most scam platforms, it was registered for just one year. This platform isn’t built for the future. It’s built to scam you and escape with your money

3. The testimonial section is false. The platform uses a lot of copy-paste testimonials. It couldn’t even be bothered to clean up its tracks properly. I guess they forgot to remove that (placeholder) testimonial shown below. This is as fake as it gets.


4. Use of generic language. Nothing about Hantectrade.co is unique. From the generic template of the website right down to the content, everything leaves you with a bad impression. And I’ve got to ask this: why do these scam platforms always include a section that says ‘ultimate security’? Hasn’t anyone told them no one is worried about hackers stealing funds when the founders of the platforms themselves are scammers?

5. Hantectrade.co is not registered by Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) or any other commission. The platform should have at least displayed a picture of the certificate or stated the number. Or are we just supposed to take their word for it? I don’t even understand the rationale behind this easily debunked claim when the founders could have just purchased that useless U.K certificate of incorporation. (Click this article here and scroll down to see how these scammers easily get their U.K certificates).

6. Withdrawal/Deposit sections look suspiciously false. It’s always the same names on it every time.

7. The investment plans are not achievable in any business at least not this consistently. Only a ponzi scam will promise this. See hantectrade.co investment plans below

Binary plan (200% ROI) on an investment of0.03 BTC/Month

Starter plan (100% ROI) on an investment of 0.002 BTC/month

Premium plan (30% ROI) on an investment of0.055 BTC/Month

Gold plan (100% ROI) on an investment of 1.05 BTC/Month

No, your eyes didn’t trick you, these are actual investment plans offered by this scam platform. 200% month ROI…really? Enough of the BS already.

8. Perhaps the clearest proof that hantectrade.co is a scam is its telegram group of over 14000 members. If you’ve read the article I wrote here about how to identify a scam telegram group, you’ll see that hantectrade fulfills most of the criteria.

9. Like many scam platforms before it, this scam platform keeps things anonymous. It doesn’t reveal the name of its founder(s).


These shameless scammers are giving real investment platforms a bad name. The truth: investing remains a great way to grow your assets. You just gotta be careful to know the right ones so you won’t get scammed.

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