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I’m frustrated. I’ve become like a broken record – sounding the same warnings, identifying the same red flags, and the reactions of most people to my heads-up about these scams have stayed the same. They‘ll rather succumb to the most basic of human emotion by letting blind greed propel them to invest in low-level scams like icanhour.com despite its many screaming red flags. Maybe that’s why I’m so angry. It isn’t that no one is too smart to fall for a scam. Like I explained here, even the best of us sometimes get scammed. So yes, maybe it’s understandable when you fall for a pretty convincing scam but falling for scams like icanhour.com feels like you deliberately walked into a trap.

Everything about icanhour.com proves this is a scam. And don’t tell me the website looks cool (by the way, it does) but since when do beautiful designs mean anything? ‘This website looks so cool, they won’t steal my money?’ Is that what these gullible investors are thinking? It doesn’t make sense.

Enough of my emotional outburst. Let me give you the tea about icanhour.com

What does it claim to be?

It’s the same tired lies. Icanhour claims to trade cryptocurrency and forex.

How you know icanhour is a scam

This is a textbook scam, so most of the signs I mentioned here are there. Let’s begin

  1. Nonfunctional website: icanhour.com tries to hide the lack of content on its website with a cool interface. But I looked around. Many sections on the website are incomplete. The news section is empty. And why will anyone invest in a platform that claims to have 5+ years experience but the support section says coming soon instead of a contact number. How can you claim 5+ years of experience but still be caught in a rookie mistake? This is the most subtle proof of scam I’ve seen in a while.
phone number coming soon
Phone number coming soon
  1. Blatant lies: Again icanhour.com says on its website that its team has got 5+ years of experience. But then in the ‘days online’ section, it mentions it’s only been around for 3 days (at the time of this review). Come on, how do you reconcile that?
5 years experience
5 years experience
icanhour days online
icanhour days online
  1. Fake Team: Scroll that to the team section of the icanhour.com website and what you find are pictures and names of supposed team members. The links to social media handles to verify the identities of these people don’t work. I guess they’re still building fake social media profiles for the team. And wait for the stunner. I compared the names in the team section to the name on its companies house certificate (Willies Patrick) and it doesn’t match any.
icanhour.com director
icanhour director
  1. U.K Companies House certificate: Everyone knows this certificate is the most scam-friendly in the world and proves nothing. Everything can be faked since no background checks are done before its issuance. You just pay a paltry sum and you get the certificate within a week. Buy the U.K address, register with a fake profile, apply for the certificate and get it – all in a week’s work. Icanhour.com proudly flaunts this meaningless certificate on its website.
  2. Domain name registration: The icanhour.com website domain name is registered for 1 year, like most scams. It’ll be renewed if the scam turns out successful but in most cases, they don’t last the past 6-month mark and that’s why scam companies like to keep things safe by registering for 1- year. Icanhour.com was bought 2021-04-09 and will expire 2022-04-09
  3. Outrageous profits: I can stress this enough. No crypto or forex trading person or robot can guarantee you fixed profits. Only a ponzi scam does. Icanhour promises hourly profit. How ridiculous is that?

Icanhour investment plans include standard, premium, and VIP. The cheapest entry fee is $10.

icanhour.com investment plans
icanhour investment plans

Is Icanhour.com paying?

Ponzi scams pay for a while. The trick is to pay you with other people’s investment and on it goes until the jig is up. It’ll ends in tears for anyone investing in this. And when it does, it’ll all be your fault because you saw all the signs and still decided to go in.


Nothing left to add. Stay away from icanhour.com

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