Review: Unwrapping Another Mining Scam

There’s this particular quote I love, one of my favourite if I’m being honest because it holds true in almost every situation. It goes thus: If you know better, you do better. Yes, the reason many still fall for mining scams is due to a lack of understanding about what mining actually is. Nearly every month, a scam mining platform is born. The tricks never get old: Pay members for a while and bounce. I just hope after reading this review you will understand what a genuine mining platform is behind the scenes and never fall for a mining scam again.

We begin

I promise not to get all geeky.

Is mining itself a scam? No

Mining is simply a way in which new cryptocurrencies are created. It should not be confused with physical mining (like Gold and Diamond) that gets your hands dirty. In Crypto mining, computers do the dirty work. Let’s use Bitcoin as an example. To create new bitcoins, complex mathematical problems has to be solved. It’s so complicated it’ll be nearly impossible to solve manually, so it’s usually solved with computers. And even that’s not easy. It consumes lots of power, electricity and hardware resources. The rate at which these calculations are computed is measured in TH/S meaning one trillion hashing per second.

Okay, you get the idea, let’s not get too technical. Getting into the mining business (owning a mining farm) is so expensive as you can likely tell and right now it’s out of the reach of regular people like you and I. Wait, you think I’m rich…lol.

So what does this all have to do with platform?

Here it is: Because operating mining farms is so expensive, some companies have taken it upon themselves to make it affordable for regular people like you and me. This is done through cloud mining. Cloud mining means you don’t need to have any of the mining equipment, but these companies will rent you their equipment to mine cryptocurrencies. You’ll pay online for their services, buy how much TH/S you can afford, and that’s it, you start earning.

Easy right?


For one thing, mining is no longer profitable, and if that’s true it means cloud mining is even less profitable. Bitcoin mining, for example, is getting less profitable due to an event called Halving event. You can read about that here. If mining is so expensive, you think any genuine mining platform will lease their equipment for $30, which is the minimum plan to join Naah, it isn’t happening.

Another thing

There’s a loophole. In many cases, there’s no way to confirm the company actually uses your money to mine the cryptocurrency. In fact, there’s even no way to tell if the company runs a mining farm with all the necessary equipment.

These gave birth to the rise of mining scams.

Companies like are pretending to lend people their equipment for mining when in truth, the company doesn’t have any mining farms. All they have are fake fancy mockup videos and pictures to try to convince you.

So what does actually do?

While it pretends to operate a mining farm, it actually is a Ponzi scheme. They just move the money around. When you invest in the platform, the amount is paid to another member on the platform who is deceived into thinking these are actual mining profits. Later on, if another member joins, you’ll also be paid with his money. On and on it goes until no new members join, and it eventually crashes.

It’s not so difficult to spot a mining scam. If you know one, you know them all. Here’s a scam mining checklist.

– The plans promise ridiculous high profits., for example, promises 2.2% daily minimum

imining pro active plans
Imining pro active plans

– Too low entry fee: Mining is expensive. It cannot be overemphasized. But mining scams know many won’t fall for its scam if it’s too costly to join. So they’ll usually ask for a minimum entry fee that is so little anyone could afford it. charges just $30 for its smallest plan

– Juicy referral commissions: Since all Ponzi needs more members to sustain it, or it crashes, mining scams are known to emphasize recruiting new members. And they are willing to compensate you as high as possible if you’ll just recruit more members to join the scam platform. pays 11% commissions in their affiliate program. Usually, this is the inspiration for many who knowingly join scams. And the chain of lies continues.

-Mockup videos: Videos are great for convincing tools, and mining scams put it to good use. All they have to do is hire one of those Fiverr guys to put their logo in a generic video that shows mining farms and equipment. And a platform like that can afford it will also so go the extra mile to hire an actor to do the narration in the video. Watch the video of again. Ask yourself why a company that claims to be registered in the U.K couldn’t lay their hands on someone with an English accent to do the narration in the video.

– U.K certificate of incorporation: Most newbies in the Crypto world are convinced of a platform’s authenticity if it brandishes a certificate whether it’s a relevant one or not. And there’s a certificate that’s perfect for scam platforms. The U.K certificate of incorporation is notorious for issuing their certificate to scam companies. Bear in mind that having this certificate is meaningless. And doesn’t prove anything. All you need to get this certificate is about 15 pounds, and you don’t even have to reside in the U K. You just need to hire one person to disguise as the company’s director. Several websites provide such service. Believe a U.K certificate at your peril. claims to be registered with number 12765299

– No founder: Although many scams are now getting around this by hiring actors or by creating fake profiles but low-level scams like still make their scam intentions obvious by not identifying anyone as the founder of the platform.

Is paying?

It is. Most Ponzi scheme pays for a while until they eventually steal your funds. Don’t be surprised to wake up one day to find that the website has been taken down. Most Ponzi schemes don’t last beyond 6 months.

Why is so popular?

The platform is indeed very popular right now. I checked the traffic stats of the website and found it has over 2800 daily visitors. This should not surprise anyone. Scam platforms while still paying attracts a crowd of greedy people who in turn will invite other greedy people. domain name was bought in 2020-07-91 and will expire 2022-0-01. Of course, these scammers will be long gone before the expiration date.

So what next?

Passive income still exists. There are still a few legit investment platforms in cryptocurrency. But not

If you are interested in genuine platforms, check out the link below.

(See my list of recommended investment platforms here)

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