Juicyfields.io Review: Cannabis Industry Scam Modelled After Bitcoin Cloud Mining Scam

Juicy Fields review 1

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And we are back again. A new scam platform but this one is kind of different. I’ll explain.

Remember how I’ve made lots of posts in the past about cloud mining scams? Okay, let me just do a recap. Cloud mining scams are scams that make you believe you can mine cryptocurrency like bitcoins and make lots of money without owning any of the mining equipment which can be expensive. So these scam companies will convince you they’ve got the mining equipment (mining farm). All you have to do is rent it from them virtually (online). They’ll help you do the expensive work of mining and pay you interest based on your rent (investment amount). These scams soon became rampant. They’ll pay people for 3 or 4 months and then before the 6th-month mark, pull an exit scam.

What does this have to do with juicyfields.io?

Juicyfields.io uses the same model but is applied in a different industry: the Cannabis industry. Medical Marijuana precisely. Popularly knows as Weed or Kush.

Juicyfields.io through their crowd-growing platform says they’ll help you own a weed farm (Cannabis farm) online. You buy the plant online and they help you grow it and once harvested you can get profits. Juicyfields.io claims to have a network of producers and distributors.

I read their whitepaper (they called it greenpaper…get it? Weed is Green). Anyway, it started by mentioning how the Cannabis business is capital intensive. And that’s true. It requires a sizable capital to start it to secure land, license fees, pay taxes, and much more. But people still dive in as juicyfields.io pointed out, it’s a profitable business with some projections saying it could be worth $103.9 billion in 2024.

So Juicy Fields says they can take all this stress off you and you can start making a profit within 108 days

These are the people connected with this platform. They claim to have offices in Germany and Berlin.

juicy team 2
juicy team 2

Juicyfields.io investment plans

They have 4 strains of medical cannabis plants you can purchase each with different maturation dates and renewals. You can get the first plan (Juicy Flash) for just $50.The other 3 costs 2000 Euros each. See screenshot below.

juicy fields plan
juicy fields plan

The JuicyMist plan will earn you 3600-4800 Euros in 3 years. JuicyKush will earn you 6k – 9k Euros in 4 years and JuicyHaze will earn you 9k-12k in 5 years.

Pay Attention

Now here’s why I do not recommend the juicyfields.io platform.

I find the following areas problematic.

– The platform promises profits for 3, 4, 5 years duration when the juicyfields.io domain is registered for 2 years and will expire in 2022-07-01. Sure they can renew but only scams are registered for the minimum number of years (1 or 2 years) because they probably won’t last that long.

– The website has hidden its domain information. Domain info is usually made public. It reveals when a website was registered and when it will expire. I find it strange that juicy fields have hidden theirs. Thankfully I was able to get hold of the information before it was hidden. As mentioned above it will expire in 2022.

– Juicy fields company claims to be legally established in Germany but there is no proof they are registered as a Cannabis/investment company. Even if they are, it doesn’t mean prevent them for pulling a ‘pseudo exit scam’ by filing for bankruptcy or creating a crypto token after the company goes broke and paying users in this practically useless crypto. I also checked to verify the claims about being licensed in Colombia but none of this is made public. This company is shady, no doubt.

– The platform was caught lying about their partnerships. The screenshot below shows the partnership they once claimed to have. When people started raising questions, they quietly removed it to avoid getting sued. No apologies. Nothing. So are we supposed to believe the new partnerships mentioned on their website? Come on.

juicyfields 1
juicyfields 1

– All the team members mentioned on the juicyfields.io website are employees, including the CEO. We do not know the actual founder of this scheme. The CEO Alan Glanse claims he became a millionaire through Bitcoin. But the story he explained to Forbes didn’t make much sense. Anyway, why would a multi-millionaire choose to work for a dubious platform like juicy fields? Also maybe this even explains why Juicy Fields platform looks like a Bitcoin cloud mining scam. This dude has no experience as a Cannabis farmer yet they want us to believe this is all legit? Oh! please.

– As a subscriber astutely pointed out, the kind of profit margin promised by juicyfields for growing marijuana for you is far above the yearly profit margin by the entire global marijuana market. There’s no justification for this. Only logical to conclude this is a Ponzi scam.

Is Juicy Fields platform paying?

Yes, as at the time this review was compiled. But y’all know these shady platforms pay for a while before they eventually stop.

How popular is juicyfields.io?

Many people love quick money hence juicy fields have begun soaring in popularity since late 2020. It has on average over 5000 daily visits. But as you know none of these matters. We’ve reviewed several scam platforms with even more website traffic but it all ended as scams. It’s better to pay more attention to the red flags rather than choose a platform because of its popularity. Many of these scam platforms buy bot traffic

In conclusion

I do not recommend juicyfields.io for all of the aforementioned reasons.

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