Review: Another Cloud Mining Platform Of Doom

Kryptostance Review

With the rate at which cloud mining platform scams are being created, it’s better to err on the side of caution by shunning all cloud mining platforms right now. The legit ones out there are probably less than 1%. The good thing is that does not leave us in doubt about where it stands. From the copy-paste look and feel of the disposable website to the actual content, nothing about the platform inspires confidence.

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About Kryptostance

Would you believe it? platform has a mission and vision statement…lol, I’m almost convinced. Apparently, there is nothing scam platforms wouldn’t do to appear legit. Check the image below and let me know if kryptostance almost fooled you.

kryptostance mission and vision
Kryptostance mission and vision

Kryptostance also makes several bold claims on its website. More than just a cloud mining site, it says it trades cryptocurrencies using an innovative approach. What’s more, it’s got unbeatable support, professional service, ensuring you’ll have a safe and secure experience.

Kryptostance, are we a joke to you?

Here’s why is a scam

1. Investment Plans: The has 8 investment plans, and you can pick anyone depending on what you can afford. There are plans A-D, then you have the VIP 1-3 plan and, finally, the Hourly VIP. You can start with the cheapest plan with just $50 and cash out 6% profits after only 24 hours.

If been following this blog, you’ll see something clearly wrong with these bogus plans. Yes, they are bogus. It makes the false assumption that cloud mining and trading are so consistently profitable that it churns out profits in a matter of hours every time. Only Ponzi would have this kind of fixed returns.

2. Manufactured Statistics: The platform claims to have 5764+ clients who have deposited $12,018,679.89 and withdrawn over 1 million dollars. This doesn’t add up at all. Think about it, if you can make outrageous profits in just a matter of hours, why is there such a wide margin between the amount deposited and withdrawn. And shouldn’t be withdrawn amount already be more than the deposited amount? Also, these figures rarely change, just static. All of these reveal one thing- figures are fictional.


3. Fake Withdrawal and Deposit section: On the website, try to study the latest deposit and withdrawal section, and you’ll clearly see it’s fake. Why’s there more amount withdrawn than it’s deposited? That isn’t a strange phenomenon in itself, but when you consider the fact that the same website states in its statistics report that more overall deposits have been made than withdrawals, something is definitely not right. There’s a conflict somewhere.

4. Domain name: Like most scam platforms, the domain name was registered for just one year. Even the unknown founders and developers of this scam platform know it wouldn’t last up to one year before it crashes and burns. was registered on 2020-06-17 and will expire on 2021-06-17

Is paying?

My answer is maybe or maybe not. The real question is, are you willing to risk your money? Some scam platforms pay for a while to get your trust, and then once they do, that’s when they scam you and disappear. There’s no point giving this scam platform a try, especially when there are other trusted platforms you could try out. Check out my recommended platforms below.

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