Loantech: Another Ponzi Scheme That Promises Unsustainable Returns

Loantech Honest Review

Summary: Loantech is a scam platform that pretends to be a platform where users can earn high legit interest. Read on below as we expose all the lies of this platform.

What is Loantech?

Loantech claims to be the first lending crowd-funding based program…Lol. It’s funny how a load of crap like this can be wrapped in beautiful flowery English. Don’t worry I’ll break it all down below.

How Loantech works

A user called partner joins the program by ‘ investing’ a minimum of $10 to the platform. This is called lending. With this investment, you get a 3% daily commission from its Orion tech app. This adds up to around 90% monthly commissions. According to, you can even withdraw 34% of your principal after 22 days…Wow? No. We’ve seen this scam before. Read on.

Why is Loantech believable?

Loantech is a scam platform. But a few gullible ones might believe some easy tricks used by the platform to try and lure people to invest. These include the fancy website with beautiful diagrams and charts, the huge number of users, the big words, links to review sites, the U.K license, and the fact that the name of the CEO was given.

But don’t be deceived. It’s all lies.

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Why LoanTech is a scam

First, let me point out the obvious similarity of to another scam of 2020. Do y’all remember Softradeai? That big scam of 2020.

Anyway, let’s go on.

I thoroughly researched LoanTech and I’ve detailed my findings below

  • LoanTech is definitely a Ponzi scheme. Although it pretends to generate funds through trading using OTC brokers. It goes further to say 75% of the funds go to trading bots and 15% to private traders. All lies. The fact is no bot in the world can guarantee you such huge returns. And don’t you find it weird that the platform does not name these so-called private traders?

Without meaning to do so, the homepage also contains some language that makes it clear that it’s a Ponzi. Check the screenshot below. Doesn’t that mean they are paying old investors with new investors’ money?

  • Registration: Loantech claim to have officially launched in February 2020. Further research shows the company was registered in the U.K by one Chris Wright in October 2019 (it’s one of those generic U K licenses and should not be confused to be a trading license) It should also be noted that this is the exact type of generic license other proven scam platforms have used in the past. The fact is Loantech is not regulated but they try to use the generic U.K certificate of incorporation to try to deceive gullible people that they are. Anyone can get a UK license. It requires no background check which is why most scam platforms find it convenient to use it.

Note: The domain name was registered on 24th September 2019 and will expire in 2022

  • About the founder: Public record shows Chris Wright, Loantech’s CEO was born on April 3rd, 1987. That makes him a millennial. So it’s strange that he has no digital footprint. A person that claims to be so experienced should have a track record of success. Where has he worked before? Or did he just drop from the sky? Chris Wright has no social media profile linked to him before this whole Loantech scam adventure started. Most likely, he’s just a paid actor. Just like I was one of the first to call out the scam platform Softradeai for hiring a paid actor/presenter as CEO. This looks like that too. Scam platforms hire people to act as CEOs to avoid revealing the actual criminal mastermind behind the project. It is also strange that only one officer was listed in the Loantech registration document.
  • Fake Team: The homepage is filled with fancy talk about a ‘dedicated and passionate teammates’. It’s strange that Loantech could not mention any of the names of these team members. Not even one. When Softradeai disappeared no one could be held responsible as the only person affiliated to the platform was an unknown paid actor. Loantech too has no other named team member apart from this unknown CEO Chris Wright. Do you see a pattern here?
  • The interest rate is outrageous. No bot. No human. Nothing can guarantee you a fixed interest of 3% daily. Come on now. It’s just impossible. Since it’s a Ponzi scheme that pays old users from new users investment, funds will eventually run dry when no new users are joining the system
  • The number of registered users (50,000+) and payout ($8,000,000+) appears inflated considering they just started operations about 5 months ago. Even if it is authentic, it means nothing. Many rushed into softradeai back in the day too and we all know how that turned out. Besides, there is no way to verify these numbers. Whatever the case, just remember that any profit earned from this scam platform is not sustainable
  • Suspended page: The page promoting Loantech has been suspended on (a reputable website). This is most likely due to its suspicious activities and is yet another reason to avoid this scam platform.

But why so many good reviews?

Loantech has many good reviews on the internet. But take all of it with a pinch of salt. Everyone is in it for the money. Expect even more paid reviews in the coming weeks. What’s more, the Loantech scam platform has a generous referral program of 10-15% commissions per referral. This is why it’s hardly surprising that many review platforms will shamelessly promote and support Loantech.

But here at Ideasdome, we value our integrity. We cannot be bought at any price


Should I invest in Loantech?

Absolutely not. It is a Ponzi scam that will crash soon. Run far away from it.

Where can I invest?

We are glad you asked.

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