MayaDesire Cashback: A Shady Scheme

MayaDesire Cashback HONEST REVIEW

Summary: MayaDesire Cashback claims to generate great returns on your investment but looks like a Ponzi in its execution. Only a cryptocurrency covidiot will fall for this. Details below

For the first time in a while, I had a great feeling about this jumping in.

Maya Desire Network claims it generates profits through cryptocurrency, sales of products, production, real estate, etc. Okay, sounds interesting.

Years in operation: The platform claims to have been in operation for about 2 years.

Next as an expert platform reviewer, I dug further to investigate the existence of the usual red flags. I had barely begun my investigation and a whole lot jumped out immediately. These were issues just begging to be found.

First, let’s talk about the 3 subsidiaries of Maya Desire Network

MayaDesire Cashback Network subsidiaries include:

  • Jamey Financial Hub Investment and Thrift: Pay attention to this as that’s where the actual investment takes place. It has many plans. You can start by investing a minimum of 3000 naira weekly. And you can earn 50%, 30%, 20% and 10% returns in 12 months, 9 months, 6 months and 3 months respectively. Other plans also allow an outright investment of between 125,000 naira and 20 million naira.
  • Community To Community Aid And Development Initiative (CTCADI): This is an NGO founded by Maya Okon to eradicate poverty and hunger. Lol…don’t believe the hype. There’s no detailed plan on how to do this besides unverifiable claims to have fed the streets in a few Nigerian cities and made other supplies available to the less privileged. And before I forget, they are also accepting donations.

    • Maya Desire Network: This section contains no information. Weird, I know.

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My Thoughts on the 3 subsidiaries

  1. Scanty details: Tackling just one of these issues is big work enough. I mean, these guys want to eradicate poverty and hunger. Why not stick with that instead of adding a Ponzi-style investment to the mix?
  2. Ponzi-style: I know a Ponzi when I see one. One of MayaDesire Cashback subsidiary, Jamey Financial Hub investment and thrift (Long ass name) looks like Ponzi. There is no good explanation for how it claims to achieve the 50% return on investment in 12 months that it promises. It claims the Jamey team comprises of a team with the right mix of financial expertise, human resource management, and information tech. Who the hell is Jamey? We don’t know. No pictures of anyone on the team or their LinkedIn details or even other social media to enable us judge their track record. Every investment comes with a level of risk. Not this garbage Jamey program. It claims you could get in risk-free. All of these points to one thing- This is a Ponzi
  3. Maya Desire Network: I clicked and clicked on it but it wouldn’t open; it’s just a place holder. Then just before giving up, I opened in a new tab and I saw an underdeveloped page with the default WordPress theme content. Why did Maya Desire Network include this section at all? Why would a platform that claims to generate huge profits for its users be unable to complete and update its website?

  1. CTCADI: This is not how a real NGO or charity program operates. Why would anyone even want to donate to this? There is no blueprint to achieve its objectives. No accountability. No transparency. No vision. Nothing. This is all so badly done even for a potential scam that I believe this to be. At least make your scam believable.

Other red flags

  1. Undeveloped website: I scrolled to the bottom of the homepage and was almost thrown off my seat in shock. The newsletter, quick links, important notice sections still carry the default WordPress content. Even some pictures won’t load properly and I tried it on different devices just to be sure. And let no one chalk it up to a site still under development. Maya desire cahsback platform claims to have been in existence for 2 years. I could design a website completely in 2 days and these guys had 2 whole years and this is all they came up with? I give up. Btw, there’s no proof whatsoever these bunch of crooks started operation 2 years ago.

  1. Testimonials: In the FAQ section, the platform claims to have numerous testimonials. But in the end, I could only find 2. Numerous indeed!!!
  2. No founder: Okay this one is obvious. Who is Maya Okon? Who is Jamey? Who and who makes up the team of financial experts? Who do you hold responsible if you lose your funds? So many questions. No answers.
  3. Misleading claims: We already mentioned in previous articles how it’s not feasible to promise huge fixed returns in this economically dire times. But let that slide for a second. MayaDesire Cashback platform claims to be accountable just because it lists a couple of physical addresses. It also says it’s not a Ponzi and can be sued because it’s a registered business with the SEC. Cool. But even with all of these a platform can still be a scam. Case in point: The Box Value Program. It also has a physical address. Its founder is well known. It also claims to be registered with the SEC. But we all know how the story unravelled. Millions stolen and authorities are still trying to apprehend the founder. It’s sad too considering I warned several about this scheme in its early days but it fell on deaf ears. I even included it in my long list of scam platforms here

Is it safe to invest in the MayaDesire Cashback program?

Your money, your decisions. But considering the aforementioned, here at, we do not recommend this platform.


If a program is structured like a Ponzi, it’s most likely a Ponzi. If it looks like a scam, it might as well be a scam. Be safe out there folks.

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