You Need To Be 99 Years Old To Join This Scam

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I know what you’re thinking. Clickbait right? No, it’s not. We don’t do clickbait here at IdeasDome. Honest reviews only. So let’s start by talking about the 99 years old criterion of MoneyGuru.

A friend had asked me to check out I arrived at the homepage being all optimistic. While scrolling down my fingers inadvertently clicked on the terms and conditions section so I said why not, I might as well start right here. Didn’t know I was in for a huge shock. Check out the screenshot below. No, your eyes ain’t playing tricks on you. You need to be 99 years old to join this platform…OMG

99 years old moneyguru

How’s anyone supposed to react after seeing this? Can I even take this platform seriously after that? I don’t think this is just a gaffe. I think it’s a genius strategy on their part. The platform is making you (users) culpable in your own deceit. When they inevitably stop paying, they don’t deserve much blame because they warned you. Are you 99 years old? Why did you join?

I could have stopped my research here because after seeing the above, I was ready to take a chilled drink and move on. But for the sake of giving you a well-rounded review, I delved even further.

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When did moneyguru start operation?

The domain name was registered on 25th June 2020 and will expire exactly one year after on 25th June 2021.

So what is

The platform claims to be the number 1 app installs affiliate network that pays you for referrals, testing apps, taking surveys, etc. They say they serve as middlemen between members and advertisers. You don’t even need money to join. Just sign up and start working and you can even earn “more than in your real-life job”.

Don’t get carried away. Just because it’s free to join doesn’t mean you have nothing to lose. Belief the lies at your own peril. Websites like specialize in selling your Information to third parties who will spam you endlessly with a series of potentially scam offers.

They might be paying now. True. But a few people who have reached the $100 minimum have also told me they’ve been unable to withdraw due to one excuse or the other from the platform. It’ll be a shame if you let greed place you in the hands of would-be scammers. But tell that to the many people who are already interested in this platform.

A recent analysis of money guru traffic reveals it already has over 12,000 daily visits.

If you’re reading this review I’m guessing you have a degree of interest in the platform too. My mission is to dissuade you from doing so.

Here are the many red flags I found.

1. Scam sponsors: claims to have sponsors for all of these tasks. Maybe they do. But trust me, no solid company will patronize a platform like this. Think about it, on the money guru platform you’re expected to test an app by letting it run for 30 seconds and you can delete it afterward, so of what benefit is it to the app developer if they pay you to use their app for just 30 seconds? Lol. These fake sponsors are just out to get your information so that they can scam you on a later date. Be warned

2. Too many lies

– Money guru claims to have paid over $44 million to people. This is implausible considering they just started operation on June 25, 2020

– The payout proof is also fake. If you check well you’ll see some claiming to have been paid in January. A big fat lie because the platform did not exist until June

fake testimonial

– That picture in the testimonial of the guy (Matthew Young) that said he has been paid $97,000 is just a stock picture downloaded from the internet. And the video testimonials could have easily been bought on Fiverr.

scam moneyguru stockphoto

 – Under the terms and conditions, they claim it was updated on May 14th, 2019. Lol…Let me reiterate this: the website only started existing in June 2020

fake moneyguru terms

– They claim to be sponsored by Amazon and Epic games. I checked and it’s another blatant lie. Don’t expect these companies to file a lawsuit against moneyguru anytime soon. I’m sure they don’t even know of their existence.

3. No founder: This is not new. Most scam platforms do not mention the name of the CEO or owner of the platform. This is another obvious red flag.

4. I found some people who have gotten to $100 which is the minimum to qualify for withdrawals but they didn’t pay them. Money guru couldn’t stop making excuses.

5. Like other scam platforms, the domain name (website) is registered for just one year

6. This type of scam isn’t new. We’ve seen so many like this already. Click2earn, paidleaf, money4tasks, earnbucks are a few examples of these type of useless companies

7. The website is basic and appears hastily put together.


Why anyone is still messing with platforms like this beats me. We all need extra cash I know, but this is a waste of time.

What are your thoughts about the platform? Let me know in the comment section below.

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