Review: Garbage Lying Crypto Mining Platform Built To Fail

Multimine honest review

At this point, I should just stop advising people about these things. No one listens. But I’m still gonna do it anyway. And here it goes:

Stay away from cloud mining platforms

Glad we got that out of the way. Now let’s get this review started. There’s a lot to unpack here and I’m going to expose every inch of this lying platform. I’ll show all the discrepancies, all the lies. I’ll even show you how easy it is to run a Ponzi scheme like this and why even after platform crashes, another fake mining platform is just going to take its place. Later in this review, I also explain why you shouldn’t invest in a mining platform just because it has so many great reviews on Trustpilot. There’s so much buzz about right now but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a Ponzi scheme that will crash in 5 months or less.

And don’t get me started about those greedy websites who will publish anything at the right price. has paid to have adverts publicized in online publications such as Zycrypto, Crypromode, Blockmanity, etc. All of these publications should be ashamed of themselves for letting greed push them into backing a scam.

But first, let’s talk about what claims to be. 

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What is claims to be a cloud mining platform. It claims to engage in Dash mining, Bitcoin mining, Ethereum mining, Litecoin mining etc. According to the website, it does this with a mission to make mining accessible to everyone through its secure and transparent mining features. Lol…of course, these are lies and I’ll be exposing them shortly. This Ponzi scheme pulls out all the stops to try to appear legit. It has a well-designed website, with videos and lots of information (copied from other scam mining platforms). It even went through the trouble of designing a whitepaper. 

Let’s discuss other features

Joining is easy

All you need to do is register on their website, choose one of their plans, and start earning Crypto profits.  

Multimine bitcoin mining plan

  • Silver -$150
  • Gold- $1050
  • Platinum – $5150

Is multimine still paying?

Yes. But does it matter? These Ponzi schemes pay you for a short while to win your trust and just suddenly they go burst.

Okay, I’m done with all these garbage false claims of Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this review and discuss why no one should contemplate joining this platform or investing in it

Of course, I know many won’t listen. The other day, I checked the website traffic of and discovered it has over 16000 website visitors every day. The website also claims to have 1.5 million users worldwide. Wow. Meaning a lot of people will be filled with regret when this platform eventually crashes.

Exposing all the lies and tricks of

You will be able to use the checklist (of some sort) below to determine whether any mining platform is genuine or not. To make this easy to read, I’ll number the points. So here we go:

  1. Pretentious claims about cloud mining: One of the easy tricks used by fake mining platforms like is lies are combined with little truths to give the impression of complete truth. I’ll explain it. When talks about the profit-making opportunity that mining presents, they are right about that. Indeed profits can be made from Crypto mining and cloud mining presents a way for regular people to benefit from mining Crypto without any of the stress involved. You can make money why you sleep but how much? Here’s what these scam mining companies won’t tell you. Crypto mining involves lots of hardware, consumes lots of power and it will cost millions to set up a decent mining farm. But that’s not the shocker here. The shocker is that mining is not that profitable anymore. For example, every couple of years Bitcoin reduces the mining reward by half through what is known as halving event. If you’re interested to know more about halving events, see my article here. So believe me when I say this: it’s too expensive to run a mining farm when compared to the profits generated. So you think anyone will set one up and allow you to benefit from it with just $150? Think again.

The summary is this: Mining isn’t profitable any longer and anyone who promises you huge returns through mining is lying to you. 

  1. Founding date discrepancies: lies about the date it was created. On its website, the site claims to have received its U.K certificate of incorporation on 12 Sept 2014. Perhaps they thought no one would check to see the validity of this claim but I did. The U.K certificate was gotten on 12th August 2020. Later in this review, I’ll explain why a UK certificate doesn’t prove the genuineness of a platform and why it’s used by many scammers today. But let’s get back on track. Why is pretending to have been founded in 2014? They know people are suspicious of new platforms and they have every reason to be. These scam platforms never last more than 5 months before their untimely crash. Be warned. If is lying about the date it was created why should you trust it isn’t lying about other things too?
Multimine UK registration
Multimine UK registration
multimine certificate of incorporation
multimine certificate of incorporation
  1. Domain name expiration: I have to be honest here. I’ve seen better mining scams than Smart fraudsters know it looks suspicious if the domain name of their website is registered for just one year so they’ll usually register for 2 or more years to try to appear legit. doesn’t even bother to do this. The domain name was registered 2020-06-26 and will expire 2021-06-26 after 1 year. Scam companies typically register their domain name for just one year because they know they’ll be out of business well before the 1-year mark.
  2. Fake Team: These days most people are increasingly wary of joining a platform without listed team members. It’s the number one identifying proof of a scam. Scammers know this too. Recently, to avoid making their scams look obvious, scammers will usually hire people to pretend to be CEOs of these Ponzi platforms. We’ve seen this in the case of which crashed recently. I was also the first to call out softradeai fake CEO here. appears to be doing the same thing. And here’s how you know these people don’t exist. 

We live in an internet age and most people have digital footprints meaning they have social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, etc. So it looks suspicious that before multimine was created, there is no record anywhere on the internet about these team members that claim to be experts…lol.

Also suspicious, only one of these members was listed in the U.K registration: Simms William, born March 1978. Now ask yourself should you trust an unknown entity with your funds that have no track record of success and is most likely a paid actor.

multimine one person registered
multimine one person registered
  1. Generic Address: uses the address 52-54 Line Street, Langbourn, London, United Kingdom, EC3M7AG. But it’s one of those generic address scammers buy to attempt to look legit. I explain further in the next session when I address how scam companies are getting UK licenses these days.
  2. Its similarity to the recently crashed is worrisome: Just a few months ago had lied to its users that the crypto-mining website had been hacked. Since then many users have been unable to get their funds and now the website no longer loads. Wow!!! What a crafty way to orchestrate a scam. Anyway since then there have been several people claiming to be and asking unsuspecting users to pay a reactivation fee on a platform to have their funds transferred there. Another scam. Scam within a scam…lol. Multimine bears so much similarity to so I strongly suspect they are the ones behind this multimine scam too.
  3. Graphical distractions: Scammers know people don’t pay attention to details. has so many beautiful graphics to distract you from the fact that this is a scam. It includes pictures of mining farms and hardware devices, a profit calculator, and lots of generic explanation that does nothing to prove the authenticity of the platform since they know many people won’t read these things anyway. So many unnecessary contents on the website and the whitepaper just to make it appear bulky. Don’t be deceived. Anyone can copy-paste different content on their website. It does nothing to assure anyone it’s not a scam. When this platform crashes, they’ll probably wait 1 or 2 months and recycle this content under another scam name. As mentioned earlier multimine looks like it has the same founders has the scam.

What is the worth of a U.K certificate of incorporation?

The simple answer is close to zero. The certificate has no worth and it should just be scrapped at this point. Everyone knows how easy it is to get one which is why the U.K certificate of incorporation is every scammer’s favourite certificate. We’ve seen too many scams use this certificate and multimine is just one in a long list of scammers using this certificate. It’s not difficult to see why these scams love having this certificate. 

  • The certificate is cheap
  • There are no serious criteria to get this certificate. You can get the certificate between 24-48 hours. No one even checks to see if all you filled in the application form is true. 

These days when I see any company using this certificate as proof of authenticity, I immediately roll my eyes and laugh hard. Anyone with this certificate immediately enters my scam radar. 

Here’s how you get the useless UK certificate of incorporation certificate. 

  • Apply online here. (It doesn’t matter if you ain’t even in the U.K, you can get a free company address from websites like this right here who can assist you with the process)
  • The certificate cost 15 Pounds or about 50 pounds for same-day service
  • Your application will be approved within 3-6 working hours. Note hours not days. Can you imagine?
  • You can download the certificate online within 24-48 hours. You could also request that a physical copy be shipped to you in 8-10 days.

Take the above simple steps and you’ll have just bought a U.K certificate of incorporation. Lol…that’s all. And you wonder why these scammers love to use this certificate. Now you know why. In fact, I’m planning on getting one just for fun. It’s a meaningless certificate that holds little value and does not prove whether a company is a scam or not. It proofs nothing. Although I’m not against applying for one because why not? A certificate is better than no certificate. 

But you should immediately suspect any platform like that tries to use a UK certificate as proof that it isn’t a scam 

What about Trustpilot reviews?

Glad you asked. Always use Trustpilot reviews with caution. I’ve exposed Trustpilot in my article here too about how easy it is to buy lots of reviews on Trustpilot. In the article, I also explained my anger about Trustpilot not doing enough to stop these scammers that use their website. Trustpilot is one of the most popular websites on the internet and should take its position seriously. Most users run to Trustpilot to see reviews about investment websites before investing. So I consider it a grave betrayal of trust that Trustpilot management is indirectly leaving its users vulnerable to scam platforms like that are using Trustpilot to popularize their scams. also had thousands of 5-star reviews before it crashed. So please take Trustpilot reviews with a pinch of salt. I usually disregard the positive reviews most times and instead look for reviews of people who claim to have issues with the investment platform. If you’re easily deceived by reviews and testimonials, I suggest you stay off the Trustpilot website. Send me a message instead and I’ll help you check if a platform is legit or not

Why is multimine so popular right now?

Like most Ponzi, multimine will pay for a short while before it crashes. Most people are blinded by greed and will not realize this is just a trick to get them to invest more and more until it crashes. Multimine referral program is also very profitable. Many people don’t mind promoting a scam provided they get money out of it and multimine offers pretty juicy affiliate commissions. This is why has grown in popularity within a short period. It’s already got tons of Trustpilotreviews.

multimine trustpilot reviews

Multimine affiliate commission is of 2 types

Partnership type 1 earns you 5% of the funds invested by the people you invite to using your unique affiliate link

Partnership type 2 is called promoter’s program and has 3 levels where you can earn commissions as follows

Level 1: 10%; Level 2: 4%; Level 3: 2%

Please do not invite people to invest with a scam like multimine just so you can earn commissions; that’ll be a wicked thing to do.

Here at, we have strong ethical values and will never deliberately recommend a scam platform to anyone no matter how much money we are promised. You can always count on us.

What should you do if you already invested in 

I’ll just tell you this: Get back your capital as soon as possible and leave. Multimine is a sinking ship. You made a mistake in investing in the first place and if you invest more you’ll be very sorry, pretty soon.

Conclusion platform will crash soon. Consider this multimine platform review by ideasdome a loving warning. 

But not all crypto investment platforms are bad. Check out my list of recommended platforms below.

Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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