A Scam Disguised As An E-Commerce Business

mybonus2u Review is one of those platforms that attempts to imitate legit platforms like Chymall. But whatever mybonus2u thinks it’s attempting to do, it fails miserably.

Know that Mybonus2u is a potential scam or at best a badly executed idea. It’s the most important take away from this review.

Now let’s get to the meat of this review.

Let’s consider all the red flags of this platform

  1. First, the platform can’t seem to decide what it does. If you look at the services section of its website, it’s just gibberish. Can anyone make sense out of that? I wanted to paste the screenshot here but it’s just so long and will take up unnecessary space. But just go see that page on the website and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

But It’s mostly marketing itself as a kind of affiliate platform where they pay you for promoting products of e-commerce platforms. They claim to be affiliated with huge companies like Amazon. It’s all lies.

How do I know? Go to the about us section of the website and scroll down.

It claims to have 10 + million affiliates, over $100 million in revenue.

Now ask yourself how plausible that is considering the website domain name was just registered in 2020-10-15. That’s like 3 months ago.

  1. It brandishes fake certificates. Maybe thought no one will do the hard work (it’s actually easy) and check but I did. For example, it claims to be registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) but I checked and it’s a big fat lie.

Check the screenshot below.

That alone should stop you from investing in this platform. The mybonus2u platform clearly lacks credibility

  1. It talks a lot about e-commerce yet when you click on the e-commerce section of the website, it gives an error message. ‘This site can’t be reached’. Isn’t that weird?
  2. The site couldn’t even bother to hire a content writer to help populate it with actual content. Despite being over 3 months in existence, it still has many sections on the website with no content yet they want us to believe they can make people a lot of money but don’t even have the funds to hire a good website developer. See screenshot below
  1. Even the traffic analysis I did of the site doesn’t support the kind of huge profits they claim to be making. Less than 500 people visit the sites daily.
  2. The plans are ridiculous and unsustainable. The lowest is the silver member plan that mandates you to invest a minimum of 1000 naira and get 3% daily ROI.

The platform can claim to be a new generation business model all it wants but you and I know this isn’t how e-commerce platforms operate. This looks more like a Ponzi. And all Ponzi crashes eventually.


It’s not all negatives. Although the negatives are enough for you not to join.

I’ll never join a platform like this by the way. Too many red flags as mentioned above

But just to make this review balanced, here is one positive

– tells us about the founder of the platform. He calls himself Omotola Adanna. Whether all he said about himself in the news section of the website checks out remains to be seen. Aside from being affiliated to mybonus2u platform, there’s not a lot else about this dude on the internet.

Oh, I was talking positives sorry. See what I’m talking about? Even amidst the singular positive, there’s still a negative somewhere… Lol

In conclusion,

I don’t recommend But since the cheapest plan is 1000 naira, if you have 1000 naira you feel like wasting, you can experiment with the platform. Investing a bigger amount in this garbage scheme is just begging for problem.

You want actual legit platforms?

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