Myfamilydelight.Com: Sorry, This Is Not Investment-Worthy

myfamilydelight review platform doesn’t deserve a long review. Its deceptive tactics are obvious

First thing I did was to check the domain information and did a traffic analysis of the website and this is what I found:

The website was registered 2019-10-03 and will expire 2021-10-03

The website currently boasts 200 visits daily. I’m not surprised, many people like quick money.

My family is simply MLM Ponzi. It could pretend all it wants that it has a product, it doesn’t. Money is mostly generated from the referral program.

I don’t know about you but I have a problem with platforms like my family delight. The founder isn’t mentioned but that doesn’t stop it from making bold unrealistic claims such as the below screenshot says.

Just look at the last line. It claims to be fighting hunger and homelessness.

myfamilydelight about us
MyFamilydelight About Us

Please read the entire About us section.

And afterward, let out a long hissing sound while rolling your eyes painfully.

At least that’s what I did.

My family delight can make spurious claims all it wants but at the end of the day, the platform is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Just imagine, under our goals section on the homepage, it says it wants to help 1 million homeless people own houses in 5 years…lol. My family delight website was registered in 2019-10-03 and will expire in 2021-10-03. That’s 2 years. How do they hope to build houses in 5 years when they ain’t gonna be around.

our goals
Goals… Ponzi-esque business plan

It’s the typical MLM without products.

Register 1 account $25 or 3 for $75 or 7 for $175 accounts and get bonuses.

And as you get downlines (referrals) you begin to proceed through different levels of the matrix. At the end of Stage 4 level 2, you’re even promised a brand new SUV worth $17,000 and if you complete its ridiculous 75-day challenge you get to win an all-expense-paid trip to either Dubai, Paris, Mauriruts, Seychelles, Kenya, etc.

The whole thing is just so unrealisticVery laughable. Just jump on the website and see for yourself.

As you progress through the platform, you’ll pass through the Embassy, Citizen, DIPLOMAT, COUNSELOR, AMBASSADOR Payout stages. OMG, what’s with the weird names

myfamilydelight investment plan
myfamilydelight investment plan

Can’t stop laughing. This looks like the work of a terrible comedian.

Quick observation

Since this is a Nigerian platform, a predominantly black country, why do they use images of White families everywhere… Come on! My family delight your inferiority complex is out on display. Make it stop.

inferiority complex
Inferiority complex.

One final thing.

Let’s talk about the barely functional website.

Many of the sections of don’t work.

Just out of curiosity, I clicked the Legal section to see if they’ll pretend to have legal backing. Well, the answer is No. I clicked and clicked, no effect. Other sections like the galleries too showed no image or videos.

Okay, I’m done. I’ll really like to know the founders of this joke of a platform

Okay maybe not. This website is giving me all kinds of headaches.

That’s the review.

You want actual legit platforms?

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