Neminvestment Platform: A Scam Platform That Says A Lot And Yet Says Nothing

neminvestment review

First, let me start by addressing what’s on everyone’s mind. Is Neminvestment platform legit or a scam?

I can tell you on good authority that it’s a scam platform.

You don’t believe me? Read this review to the end and find out the several red flags I discovered. But first…

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What is Neminvestment?

It claims it’s a platform that is involved with trading. But I was only able to figure that out because I immediately scrolled to the investment plan section and it had the word ‘trading’ in it.

The truth is Neminvestment itself doesn’t know what it is or what it does. It says a lot without actually saying anything. Let me explain. On the website, it starts out by telling you it will explain how the platform can make money for you. But instead of actually explaining, it goes on to tell you about how bitcoin blockchain is great and how bitcoins are mined. It even talks about a Cambridge University research about bitcoin wallets. Who cares?

THAT’S Red flag 1… I’ve observed these days scam platforms are always hiding under the ‘bitcoin is great’ umbrella. Yeah…we know bitcoin is awesome. That’s not the point. Tell us how your platform will make me bitcoin. Don’t try to shift the conversation into what bitcoin is. Damn it!!! You ain’t fooling anyone.

Other red flags

(Skip red flag 2 if you are not into technical stuff.)

Red flag 2

Use of a misleading video: Similar to red flag one, Neminvestment com has an introduction video on their website that leaves you even more confused about the platform. It talks about NEM being a kind of better blockchain than bitcoin and says it has its blockchain called Smart Asset Blockchain. It says its blockchain is better than everyone else because it uses an enterprise-grade network system that any company in any niche can easily integrate with. Whether you’re into financial instruments, supply chain, notarization, ownership records, crowdfunding, anyone can use NEM smart asset blockchain. NEM must be the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t even stop there, the video goes ahead to make the false statement that businesses worldwide have adopted. No one knows you NEM, stop fibbing.

I believe you’re distracted now. Exactly what wanted to do with that video. Remember I went into the video with the idea that NEM trades cryptocurrencies, I came out of the video thinking wow…wait …NEM’s a blockchain solution that is used by companies worldwide? Why does a company in high demand need my $50 investment?

Red flag 3

Team Experience: At this point I was really trying to figure out what Neminvestment does so I scrolled down to the ‘advantages’ section. And will you believe it? This scam company says its team has many years of experience… in the cryptocurrency industry? No. In trading? You guessed wrong again. It states that the NEM team has years of experience in the real estate industry. Wait…what? Yeah, the real estate industry. Can someone remind me again what Neminvestment does? Is it into trading Cryptos or is it a global brand that provides blockchain integration or is it a real estate company? can’t decide what it really does. Anyway, let’s move on.

Red flag 4

No known team: This one is typical of most scams. The founder of platform does not reveal ‘his’ identity. It however claims it has a team of 2500 specialists. Of course none of these so-called specialists were named. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because we already know their experience is in real estate …lol (I just can’t get over Red flag 3)

Red flag 5

The business plan mismatch: I checked the FAQ section of this scam site and it mentions it has a 10-year business plan which is proof that the will last a long time. I thought that too until I decided to check the domain info of the website. The domain name was registered on 2020-09-14 and will expire after 1 year (2021-08-30). Why will a platform that claims to have a 10-year business plan register its platform domain name for just 1 year? It doesn’t add up. Coupled with the other reasons above, it’s clear this is a scam.

It doesn’t even matter whether Neminvestment they are paying right now or not, it is still a scam. Most Ponzi pay you for a while until they eventually disappear.

Red flag 6

Scammy trading plan: This is by far the easiest way to spot a scam platform. Just scroll to the trade plan. Neminvestment investment plans are just ludicrous.

Neminvestment investment plan

Plan A: Pays 3% after 12 hours on a minimum investment of $50

Plan B: Pays 4% after 24 hours on a minimum investment of $400

Plan C: Pays 6% after 34 hours on a minimum investment of $1000

Plan D: Pays 8% after 48 hours on a minimum investment of $4000

In the FAQ section, Neminvestment claims it generates funds through trading forex, options, and cryptocurrency. You don’t need anyone to tell you that huge fixed returns from trading are impossible. Anyone who promises this is running a Ponzi scam.

Red flag 7

Fake recent transactions section: I did a traffic analysis of this website. The last deposits and withdrawal section is obviously fake.

Conclusion is a scam but some are still actively promoting this platform especially on Telegram because of the promised 4% in referral commissions. Be vigilant y’all.

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