Omegapro.World: A Pyramid Structured Suspicious Investment Platform

omegapro review

A lot of reviews are already out there about spreading all kinds of lies. Ideasdome is here to step in to clear these misconceptions so let’s begin.

Rapid-fire questions

Does Omegapro platform have founders?

Some badly written reviews out there are saying has no founders. I can categorically confirm it does. The names Robert Velghe and Mike Kiefer are well known as founders of the platform

Is a scam?

There’s no proof yet that it is but what I can tell you that the structure looks suspicious and it’s unsafe for you to trade or invest in this platform. I explain more below.

Do you recommend platform?

I recommend you stay far away from it

Is a registered platform?

No. It pretends to be affiliated with platforms that are registered. It’s got something to hide and that’s why it wouldn’t get itself registered. Omegapro isn’t registered with the FCA or even CySEC, you know as a legit trading platform would. In fact, here’s a warning by CNMV (The National Securities Market Commission in Spain) not to invest in Omegapro

omegapro cnmv warning

When was the platform founded?

The domain name was bought in 2018 and the platform started operation early 2019.

What’s the minimum amount to invest in the platform?

You can start with $29 and an initial investment of $100

What’s the projected return in investment?

You can earn as high as 200% after 16 months

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More extensive details about

Trading can be sweet money with the right platform. But Omega pro world isn’t one of these platforms. The platform however tries it best to look legit. It claims to be an online trading platform founded in 2019 where users can earn good profits by selecting any of their investment plans. It started with the forex market but has since expanded its operation to cover other products. The platform looks like just another trading platform and it does a few things right like some of the features mentioned below:

– It’s got tutorials for beginners

– Users are expected to go through a KYC and AML process

– It covers 200+ trading platform instruments and over 70 currency pairs.

– It has a charity foundation

Okay, wait let’s pause on that last point. Why is telling us about their charity endeavors? I think it’s unnecessary and a gimmick to overcompensate for the fact that this platform has got so many skeletons to hide. Frankly, I don’t care whether a trading platform is charitable or not. My primary concern is that I can trade and earn that’s all, everything else is secondary.

As subtle as this is, it was the first red flag for me. I discovered other red flags too.

-Omega pro world has a pyramid structured affiliate program: The affiliate program and unhealthy emphasis on it exposes omega pro for what it truly is – just another MLM (Multi-Level Marketing ) platform. I believe this is the main source of their revenue. Real trading platforms like Binance, BitMEX, etc. just pay you a little commission for inviting new members and they leave it at that. does more than this. Inviting members to will qualify you to attain different ranks. Depending on how much your affiliates have invested, the platform grants you different ranks including associates, builders, platinum, etc.). Not just that, your referrals are listed in the left and right pyramid structure under your account while you earn residual commissions from them as they invest larger amounts on the platform. You can even be the proud owner of a Lamborghini if you attain the diamond rank. Come on, this is all so eerily similar to all the illegal pyramid schemes out there. No wonder omegapro is not registered with any regulatory body. The trading side of its platform appears to be a smokescreen to shield the fact that omegapro actually runs an illegal pyramid scheme.

There’s more to prove that Omegapro world is scarcely doing any profitable trading.

It has got a lottery program too. My question is this: Why does a serious trading platform have a lottery program with lottery tickets and all? I’m not even speaking to the morality of lotteries but in terms of business structure, it makes no sense. Shouldn’t they have a separate platform for lotteries instead of lumping it with the trading platform? It’s not a neat look.

Omegapro lacks integrity too. It boasts of its presence in 100 countries and support available in 10 languages. But conveniently forgets to mention it is unlicensed to trade in any of these countries. U.S, Canada, Iran, and U.A.E are lucky because Omegapro ltd. says it does not accept donations from these countries. Unless of course, your desperation to get scammed leads you to use a VPN to pass this restriction.


I do not recommend investing or trading with But many are interested in this platform mainly motivated by greed. A look at the statistics reveals the omegapro world website has 17000+ daily traffic. Most people only care about immediate profits without giving it a second thought if the platform is really sustainable. At, we will only recommend sustainable platforms

This has been an honest review brought to you by IdeasDome. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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