review: Run!!! It’s a Ponzi review

Welcome to another review guys. Today we talk about the fairly popular Ponzi scheme Passive cash. The website is called It’s been generating a good amount of buzz considering at its peak over 40,000 people visit the website daily. But in this review, I’m going to showing you why passive is a scam. No, it’s not because they don’t have a license as some ignorant reviews out there claims. For the most part, you do not a license to enter the world of Defi which is what claims it does.

Let’s get started

  • No founder: Look around the website. It makes deceptive statements such as our team is specialized in this and that. But it’s funny that not even one member of the team was mentioned.
passivecash team
passivecash team
  • Fake business: You all know the trick. Ponzi platforms try to claim to be actual businesses without providing any explanation. is no different. It claims to invest in Defi. Defi means decentralized finance and it’s an awesome application of blockchain technology. But come on, we all know that’s not what passive cash does. And how you know is simple. It does not explain what Defi platforms it invests in. It just tells us it invests in Defi projects and that’s it. We’re just supposed to take their word for it without explanation? Oh, get out. For anyone who actually wants to know what Defi is, check out this simple explanation here.
  • Unrealistic profit margin: This one I’m not surprised. If it’s not unrealistic, how do you know it’s a Ponzi?…lol Check this out. promises you hourly profit. That’s far from how Defi works.
  • Big lies: Check out the screenshot below. says in “…12 months, we have made a profit of over 2000%.” In 12 months? Wait a minute. Has this platform been around for 12 months? Check the other screenshot below. See it yet? By their own admission, the platform was just launched on March 9, 2021. Isn’t that less than 2 months ago? So what’re the 12 months they’re talking about? Oh my gosh, I’m done with this people? I can’t say anything more.
passivecash lies 1
passivecash lies
passivecash lying scam 1
passivecash lying scam
  • Hidden domain information: Information about a website’s domain name that shows when a domain name was bought and for how long is usually public for most companies since it’s not sensitive information. But understandably scam platforms like take steps to hide theirs.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’ve seen people complain about not getting paid and getting blocked after making their deposits.

Just before I conclude this review, let me mention something funny I found in the faq section of the website. One of the answers reassured users that hackers will never have access to user funds on the platform. Lol… Someone tell that no one is worried about losing funds to an external hacker. We are more concerned with the enemy within which is management themselves who can do whatever they want with your funds without the stress of hacking. What happens when they eventually pull an exit scam considering we don’t have the identities of its founders.

passive cash lol
passive cash lol


Anyway, that’s the review guys. is just another ponzi scam. Run from it.

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