Robotroihub review: Why is this scam getting popular? review at the time of this review is just about 4 days old. It usually takes most scams that eventually turn out big at least a week or more to find their footing but not This scam has hit the ground running. Traffic analysis of the website already reveals a mind-boggling 400+ daily visits.

This review is going to be very simple because is such a simple scam. From the badly designed website that makes my eyes wallow in purple hell, to the terrible content that leads nowhere. Robot Roi Hub cannot seem to decide what it actually does. Is it crypto mining, crypto trading, or shares trading? We’ll never know and that’s because it’s a ponzi scam that actually does nothing but wants us to believe it does it all without a shred of evidence.

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Not to waste your time since this website ( is worth no one’s time, let’s jump right to all the lies and flaws of the website.

Robot Roi Hub is all con no pros.

  • The website is badly designed. Many of the sections lead nowhere. The introduction video looks like it was designed by a genius toddler.
  • The investment plans seem to answer the question – What’s the fastest way to lose your money? I can’t think of any other reason why anyone will believe they can earn 2500% profit in 16 days on a minimum investment of $10. scam plan 1
robotroihub scam plan 1
  • Adam Noah is credited as the brains behind this scam. Could be a fake identity since this dude has no profile anywhere outside the platform. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, and most importantly no track record of success as a trader.
fake name –
Fake name
  • No trading is carried out here. It’s just another boring scam. They might pay you for a while to gain trust. You know what happens eventually. Robot Roi Hub will disappear with all your money.
  • It claims to have been founded in 2019 but the domain info reveals that the website was launched less and 2 weeks ago on 2021-04-09.
  • Like most scams, the website domain name is registered for a minimum 1 year and will expire in 2022-04-09

But the question remains why the website has been getting a lot of visits recently.

It’s not rocket science. People are greedy. They might invest with their money but they’ve got no qualms about promoting scam platforms if they’re going to get paid for said promotions.

Robot Roi Hub promises generous bonuses for its promoters.

  • It pays $20- $1000 to its YouTube promoters so don’t be surprised when you start seeing videos singing Robot Roi Hub praises all over the internet.
  • It pays a referral commission of 5%

Here at, we will never promote a scam platform just for commissions and neither should you. Karma is real y’all.

Anyway, that’s the review. Don’t get scammed by a silly scam.

But there are authentic investment programs out there. See below

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