Stroycity.Org Platform Review: An Imaginative Ponzi Scam Executed Badly


At this point all the scams just mirror each other; it’s so sleep-inducing. This is why I find a welcomed change of pace. But don’t be confused, stroycity might have a fancy brand story but it’s still a clear scam.

Here’s a summary of the story. You can see the whole thing if you check their website. It really is worth it even if just for the laughs.

The big claims. claims to be owned by Stroycity Ltd who according to them are the largest real estate developers in the field. Come on don’t laugh, there’s more.

The Stroycity platform is offering you equity as an investor.

You can invest a minimum of 10 USD to construct a gas station and earn 2.5% daily for 64 days and a net profit of 160%. Another plan gives you the opportunity to invest a minimum of $200 in a city gas construction project to earn 5.5% daily for 40 days (Net profit- 220%)

The project also brandishes a U.K certificate of incorporation on its homepage. I have to commend the user interface. It looks cool. The homepage also tries its best to make the platform appear legit. It’s got a profit calculator, reviews and payment proofs.

Wait for it

It even has a blog where it attempts to update you on some of the projects under development. But the pictures are scanty and look unconvincing. And it has a forum where users can engage in ‘mature discussions”

stroycity forum

Okay, now you can laugh and have a good roll on the floor.

Checkmating with facts

The subheading above looks fancy and serious, right? ( The fact is I really don’t know where to begin with this review because it’s so obviously a scam that I don’t think it’s even necessary to point it out. But considering I know several who will still fall for this, I’ll give it my best shot. And I’m not making this up; I checked the traffic of the site and found it has 9000+ daily visits already. That means people are actually investing in this…wow. I don’t even care whether or not they are paying right now (they are), this will end in hot tears for the investors

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Diving into the platform

My first impressions about the platform were ‘ How is it that a platform that just got its U.K certificate in March 2020 claims to be the largest real estate developers? Really what are the chances of that?’

If you know anything about real estate, you just know that from a logistic point of view, this is not just untrue but impossible.

Domain details

The domain name was registered on 2019-11-02 and will expire in 2023-11-02

Who is the founder of stroycity platform?

Still, on the U.K certificate subject, why does a Russian owned platform (the telegram channel gave that away) register its platform in the U.K? Are there no regulatory bodies in Russia. According to its U.K certificate, the company was registered by a Bakulin Aleksey born in Sep 1980. Curiously we cannot confirm the skillset of this individual because no other information was given.

More red flags

The telegram channel: Since March the telegram channel of Story city platform (over 1K members) has only been updated 5 times (only 2 posts, and the remaining 3 are repetitions or Russian translation of the posts). ‘The biggest real estate developers’ must be exceptionally terrible at communicating with their investors. This is why I find these numbers below dubious.

stroycity scan numbers

– Ridiculous plans: What kind of real estate project (gas construction) allows an investment of 10 USD and pays you 2.5% daily for a gas construction project that has not been constructed? It simply is not happening.

Final thoughts

Stroycity is a platform that hides its true Ponzi nature behind an elaborate web of lies. There is no real estate business going on here. Be careful y’all. I do not recommend investing in this platform.

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