Review: Don’t Stress, It’s A Scam

surftrade review

There are several platforms out there where you need to do a lot of research to figure out if it’s a scam or not. Thankfully, won’t stress you.

Everything you need to know about surf-trade ltd is on the incorporation certificate you can download from its website. Perhaps the founders thought no one would download it but I did. Check it out below.

surf trade fake certificate
Surf trade fake certificate

Are you laughing with me? Are we both seeing the same thing? What the heck is ‘YOUR WEBSITE NAME HERE’ on a certificate. They couldn’t even pay a Photoshop expert to give it a semblance of legitimacy. Okay, I have another idea. Perhaps the founders failed to pay the forgers their balance so the forgers played a fast one on them.

No one is taking this scam platform seriously after that. Like I earlier said: No Stress. After that forged certificate of incorporation, I dived into the remainder of this review already aware this is a scam. It made my research much easier.

Before I give you other details that make a blatant scam, let’s see first what it claims to be.

What is

Surf-trade is one of those scam platforms that try to use confusing language to throw you off their scent. But the execution falls embarrassingly short. Does anyone know what this means on their home page? According to the website ‘Surf-trade is UK based registered company, we are rapidly creating head financier firm on money related business sector’. Sorry, I’m not quoting any further, my head’s aching from all these gibberish. The website further claims is a leading financial institution that provides ‘innovative financial solution’. How? Where? The site has no response to these questions.

Other phony details

Surf-trade says it started on July 20, 2018

Running days: Over 800 days (at press time)

Over 4000 accounts (lies)

I checked it for a couple of days and always claim to have over 300 visitors online

It also claims to be a U.K based registered company listed on the stock exchange.

And there’s this …778 billion freaking dollars deposited?

total deposited
Total deposited

There’s no truth to any of these claims

Now here’s the truth

1. Surf-trade is a Ponzi scam

2. It’s not registered anywhere neither is it listed on any stock exchange anywhere. I mean, just check out the numbers on the certificate above. 123456. Really? That’s the number you come up with? Lol

3. Surf-trade can’t decide when it was established. The phony certificate says 2015, the homepage of the website says 2018. The truth is no one has heard about this scam website until 2020. The founders have also hidden information about the date of the domain name was created which is a clearly suspicious move since most companies are not afraid to leave this information in the public domain.

4. The website is populated with fake statistics. For example, it always displays a ‘visitor online’ number above 300. wishes. Anyway, I did a traffic analysis of the website and observed the site barely has 10 daily visits. So if the website is lying about visitors online, it calls into question the Total account claims of 4000+. I can tell you it’s false.

5. The outlook of the website is similar to other scam websites. These sites are known to include irrelevant content on their pages to appear legit.’s inclusion of currency trading pairs on different exchanges clearly is a distraction meant to disguise this scam.

6. The investment plan is scammy too. No company will pay you such high fixed profits in such a short time. It simply isn’t happening.

7. Most low-level scams like never reveal its founder. We all know the reason for that. It makes it easy to scam the unsuspecting with no one to hold responsible. If you lose money to these people, you are never getting it back. Don’t even waste your time trying to get it back. Even legit Asset recovery platforms like this might not be able to help you out.


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