Teqra.com: Fancy website, Zero Credibility

Teqra review

Teqra.com platform has been blowing up in popularity with over 20,000 daily visits (could be bot/fake traffic) to its website but don’t believe the hype just yet. There is zero credibility behind all of the claims of this platform and my review below will reveal this to you. Strapon and let’s get started.

Everything you need to know that signposts this as clear ponzi scam can be seen in the 2 minutes and 15 seconds video on the teqra.com website (About us section)

You find languages used by Ponzi such as:

  • Earn you profit regardless of what’s going on I’m the market
  • Pay daily income
  • Make your dream come true
  • It looks like a dream.

By the way, all of the above statements are unrealistic. Any trading platform that promises you profits regardless of market conditions is lying to you. The fact is markets ain’t profitable all the time. The promise of fixed daily income is also a Ponzi scam tactic to get you to invest.

And by now you should know, the use of flowery meaningless expressions like making your dream come true (lol) are vague and unrealistic.

I don’t think any should fall for this but many are because teqra.com seems to be paying right now.

But know this…

It won’t last. All Ponzi crash within months. They all start out paying, then withdrawal delays start occurring and then finally it crashes.

What Teqra claims to be?

Teqra.com would like everyone to believe they engage in online trading using high-tech (whatever that means). No high-tech software exists that ensures stable profit without risk of losing capital which is what this potential scam platform promises on the homepage of the teqra.com website. To make it seem like a credible platform, the teqra.com domain name is registered till 2030. They also have pictures of events supposedly held by Teqra. It’s also got a fancy website. Don’t be fooled, we’ve seen all of these tactics before. All of these things are just noise and smokescreens to get you distracted about the fact that Teqra does not provide any substantial proof about its activities.

Teqra.com investment plans

The screenshot below shows the Teqra investment plan. 6 of them. If it quacks like a duck, it most likely is. All of these plans smell like a Ponzi. A minimum investment of $50 and you get 1.1 percent profit every day is the cheapest of the plan. There is no proof of trading shown at all on the website because lets be honest no trading is going on here. The platform generates income through only referrals. Paying old members with new members money is how all Ponzi operates. Everyone knows the rate at which new members join reduces over time and that’s when the platform begins to fall apart.

Teqra plan 1
Teqra plan 1
teqra plan 2
teqra plan 2

That’s why teqra.com has made their referral program highly profitable for you to just keep inviting people. They have 7 ranks you can grow into based on the amount your referrals have invested. Agent level gets 15 percent in commissions, from $100 up, Bronze : 21 percent in commissions from $500, Silver Director gets 24 percent on partners investment from $3000+, the gold director gets 28 percent from $10,000 + investment from referrals, the platinum director gets 36 percent on $15 k worth of investment by your referred members, and Diamant Director (wait… shouldn’t that be spelled Diamond?) gets 42.5 percent on $25,000 and above in investment by your referral.

teqra referral 1
teqra referral 1


Not even Binance a top trading platform pays this much. Teqra is emphasizing referrals because that’s its only source of revenue like all Ponzi.

More red flags

– Only one member of the team is mentioned. Weirdly, a company that claims to be this huge will have only one publicly known member. Where are the rest of the employees?

Teqra 1 man team
Teqra 1 man team

– No proof of trading

– Teqra is not registered anywhere

– The news section is irrelevant. The creators of teqra.com just wanted to make it seem like the website is legit by having so much content on it.

Teqra news
Teqra news

Teqra.com platform is a suspicious investment platform. Do not invest.

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