Transpocoin Review: Not A Broker, Not Regulated, Just Phony

Transpocoin honest review

Nod your head furiously if you’ve heard these before. A platform on the internet says it can help you trade and you earn huge commissions without risks. It claims it is registered and licensed to render such services but what it has are just words and no actual proof. Are you nodding furiously now? Okay, just me?

There’s nothing remotely appealing to me about the Transpocoin platform. Everything smells and feels like a scam. There are no middle grounds. I’ll dive into’s many red flags shortly. But let me first take time out to call out some platform reviewers out there. What you’re doing is just plain nasty. I mean it’s okay to want to push your affiliate programs and intrusive ads, we all gotta make money somehow but at least give the readers what they are on your site website for in the first place and don’t dance around it. A bit of context to help you understand why I’m so furious. So the other day, a friend had asked me to help check out Transpocoin and that was when I discovered all the scammy practices of the platform. Later I hopped on Google to see if anyone else felt the same. I found this review site that’s like but clearly isn’t because of its cowardly approach to reviews. This website started fine by explaining some of the red flags of Transpocoin – the same ones I had earlier observed. But instead of calling out Transpocoin straight up, it takes the spineless route of almost apologizing and saying (I’m paraphrasing), ‘they ain’t trying to defame Transpocoin, they ain’t saying it’s a scam, they ain’t saying it isn’t legit…blah blah blah’. I was like ‘dude but you just mentioned all the textbook scam techniques of Transpocoin, how can you say in the same breath it’s not a scam? Come on now, your readers need you to do better and guide them right.’

Thankfully we don’t do that here on Ideasdome. We call a scam, a scam and we are unapologetic about it. It’s really that simple.

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Enough said, let’s get started with this Transpocoin review

Starting from the welcome message on the Transpocoin homepage, you can already see everything wrong with this Transpocoin platform. It brands itself as a ‘forex made easy platform’ that copy trades from expert traders to earn you risk-free commissions. Why stop there? It also claims to have been recommended by Billionaire businessmen like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Wait…what? Yeah, they went there…lol. Later on the website, they mentioned trading in Gold, Oil, Real estate, and US stocks. Let’s be clear: the only thing I see this platform trading are lies.

But how does one get started on Transpocoin?

Getting started is simple. You just have to sign up, make a deposit, select a plan, and let Transpocoin pretend to trade for you. You also get a 20% bonus if you’re depositing form $3000.

Here are Transpocoin investment plans

– Starter plan: Promises 180% ROI on an investment of at least $30 which is the lowest amount to join this garbage platform

– Pro plan: Promises 180% ROI on a minimum investment of $300

– VIP plan: ROI of 210% supposedly achievable when you deposit a minimum of $500

All these plans are expected to run for 1 year. The minimum withdrawal is $49 after a withdrawal charge of $1 + 5% of your profits. That’s just weird to me. But at least you can withdraw to your local bank account.

Why is a scam?

If you’ve read up to this point, you most likely already concluded this is a clear scam but there are many more serious red flags.

– False Registration And License Claims: Transpocoin claims to be registered with the FCA in the U.K with registration number 600575, registered in the U.S with registration number 271593, and with the Financial Service Commission of the Republic of Mauritius with license number C114912285. It claims it was registered under the company name Emmy Jones Inc. I was actually hoping this was true because it just seems extreme to go through the trouble of making these false claims when every scammer knows you can get a shitty U.K certificate of incorporation for dirt cheap so why lie? To those who have hope in Transpocoin, I hate to be the bearer of bad news (it’s good news considering I just saved you from a potential scam): Transpocoin is a sham platform registered nowhere. They couldn’t even make it believable by getting photoshopped certificates to display on their website and brag about their fake licenses like similar platforms are wont to do. What a shame!

– False User Statistics: The platform claims to have 10982 members. That’s not the weird part. Take a look at the screenshot below and observe that the Earnings number is the same as the payout number. And this is what gives it away that these are just made up numbers. The reason being the minimum payout is $49 meaning at some point some users will not have earned enough yet for the payout. For that reason, it’s clear that the Earnings figure should have been considerably higher than the payout figures. Apologies to maths haters you just have to take my word for it on this one.

– Address Mismatch: Most scam platforms like this use fake addresses and Transpocoin is nothing different. On the website, it uses 253 Lincoln Street, Cherokee Alabama. But for the domain registration for the website, it uses 10, Corporate Drive Burlington, MA (Massachusetts). This subtle difference may feel like ‘grasping at straws’ and might not mean much to the untrained eyes. But knowing Transpocoin already lies about other things, this just adds to the list and we can see a clear pattern of falsehood. Is Transpocoin telling us the truth about anything?

– No Founder: For the first time, I’m not surprised a scam platform couldn’t hire an actor to pose as CEO or founder like they always do because who will want to be the face of this mess of a platform? No one.

Other details

The domain name was registered on 2018-08-11 and is set to expire 2021-8-11. I’m guessing they might renew for an extra year after that to keep the scam going.

The platform pays out a generous 10% referral commissions. It’s how these scam platforms get people screaming their praises on Facebook and other social media. I’m guessing they’re still paying too but like we always educate people here- it means nothing. Most scam platforms typically pay for a few months to gain credibility and then they steal the remaining funds and disappear.

I analyzed the traffic situation of the website and observed it has about 420 daily visits. That’s good news for the people behind this scheme. At least many people are beginning to show interest in the platform.

Final Thoughts

I have said all there is to be said. I won’t decide for you whether to join Transpocoin or not but I’ll tell you the commonsensical course of action which is to run far away from this scam platform.

This has been a honest review brought to you by Ideasdome

We are not saying all Crypto-related investments are scams. You just need to know which ones to invest in.

Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Transpocoin Review: Not A Broker, Not Regulated, Just Phony

  1. I did research but like you said, all the idiotic websites that ought to have called them.out, all chickened out.
    A lot even watered down their reviews to an analysis of web traffic. One good news you can pass on though, if anyone you know paid transpocoin through PayPal, they can make a complaint and get their money back. A friend just got back his 2800 British pounds. If you wanna talk to him, holler at me and I’ll hook you up providing he wants to…

    1. It’s really saddening that many sites out there will promote anything just for referral commissions.
      Anyway, thanks a lot for the additional information you’ve provided.
      Stay safe out there.

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