Review: Cool Platform, Hot Lies

Vandera Review

I first came across when one of my readers had reached out to me to check it out. It’s not difficult to see why this platform will convince many. The platform looks cool and modern. And all over social media, articles are singing their praises. And wait for it…hot models. I don’t know the connection between trading and hot models, but there has to be because everywhere you see news about the Vandera platform it’s accompanied by many hot models. Well, I can’t get mad at this. I guess we can all agree that hot models are national treasures. What was I writing about again? Oh, I nearly forgot. Then again, I guess that was Vandera’s intention all along…lol

Let’s get back on track.

First, let’s discuss what pretends to be after which I’ll expose it for what it truly is.

What is

You’ll get technical explanations on the internet about with several paid articles trying to use impressive technical jargons to hide the many shortcomings of this platform. But this is so let’s keep things simple. allows you to invest in the financial market by copying trade signals and making profits with the help of its high-frequency robots.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool the platform is? I loved it so much I signed up even though I already knew the platform was being deceptive, I just wanted to take a look around.

Here’s how to sign up

Note: I totally discourage signing up to this platform but if you want to test it out, I can’t stop you. Here’s how you do it

– Click on the register button near the top right corner, then fill the signup form

vandera registration
Vandera registration

– Next users are expected to deposit by clicking the deposit section on the left. Then click on deposit now and scroll down to the bitcoin deposit section and fill the amount you want to deposit.

vandera deposit
Vandera deposit
vandera deposit 2
Vandera deposit 2

– Once deposited, you could go to the trading section and pick any of the plans, as shown below. You could start with as little as $99. The platform charges a 2% performance fee on investor profits.

vandera plans
Vandera Plans

I saw many red flags and lost interest immediately. More on that shortly. But first…

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Is a scam?

I’ll say a lot of thought was put into the design of this platform. But no one is naive anymore; we know a great design doesn’t mean a platform is legit. But right now Vandera appears to be paying. That again isn’t enough to say the platform is authentic since most scam platforms pay for a while. For me, more importantly, I like to check out how honest a platform is, and this was what put me off with the Vandera platform. The founders are very clearly deceptive on so many levels.

Let’s discuss a few

Often the littlest of red flags might be enough to spot a scam platform. has not just the little red flags; it has the huge waving ones too.

Let’s start with the big red flags of

  1. claims to be certified by 3 different regulatory bodies and registered in 3 countries, including Singapore, the United Kingdom and Malta. There is no evidence of this. I checked the regulatory bodies of each of these countries, and in each instance, Vandera was found nowhere. I checked the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). I checked the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). I checked the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. Nothing about Vandera.
  1. Deceptive articles: It’s difficult to find any bad press about For one thing, it’s not that popular yet. But the team have not been sitting idle. It has paid several publications to paint beautiful narratives about the company. Many of these publications are posting lies. For example, this one here says Vandera started operations in 2016. And another article here says Vandera was founded in 2017.

These are easily debunkable lies. I checked. The domain name was just registered in 2019, precisely 2019-08-05. It was renewed in 2020-01-28 and will next be due for renewal on 2022-08-05. Before 2019, Vandera was not in any form of operations. Why should anyone trust a lying platform like Vandera?

  1. Content Gimmick: Yes, the website is beautiful. But read the actual content, and you might be disappointed. Whoever wrote the content on the Vandera website needs to be fired immediately. It’s a bad look that a company like Vandera that claims to be a top broker will have the same content carelessly repeated on its homepage. Wait, maybe they thought no one would actual read it. I did, and I was disappointed. Even the links in the footer of the homepage are not responsive.
  1. Gender discrimination: Can someone tell me what gender has to do with trading? Of what use is Vandera Model of the Month? Is this a trading company or a modelling agency? Every month Vandera says it rewards the Female trader with the highest volumes of trades with a branded T-shirt and a cash prize of 2000 USD. Oh, so that explains why the platform, as well as articles promoting Vandera, are quick to include pictures of female models. Surely there must be something to reward Men? Nothing? Okay, then. Sorry, I asked, Vandera. Can someone tell these jokers it’s 2020 and there’s no place for gender-based discrimination not even on a pretend trading company like Vandera. And why we are on the topic, it’s bad enough that the company is guilty of gender discrimination. What’s even worse is the fact that the winners of this prize are never updated. It’s the same models always.
Vandera gender discrimination
Vandera gender discrimination

Now let’s discuss the little red flags.

1. Irrelevant Videos: On the homepage of the website are 3 videos. I still cannot understand why these videos are deemed relevant. One will expect the Vandera offices to be filled with computers integrated with sophisticated trading robots. But no, the first video shows what it claims to be the Vandera warehouse and all we see is what appears to be an e-commerce store. No computers or anything related to trading in sight. This is clearly just a video mockup. The other 2 videos are mockups too. I’m starting to believe that Vandera is run from the bedroom of its founder.

2. No founder: Think about all the major companies of the world or even any company at all that wishes to be taken seriously- it never hides the identity of its founder(s). We know the founder of Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Zoom, and many more. So why is silent about the identity of its founder(s) and leadership?

There’s only one conclusion to this:

The Vandera platform is clearly suspicious. You should stay away. Even if it pays now, it will end in tears. Please be advised.

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2 thoughts on “ Review: Cool Platform, Hot Lies

  1. I have been collating facts about too and i must say you have done an excellent job here. Having a trading experience has exposed some of these red flags you pointed out. This review is solid and unbiased in my opinion.

    I was moved my your honest review here to check out your recommended investment platforms, i was disappointed though to have seen Chymall as one of the recommended investment. You should know Chymall is nothing but an advanced Ponzi Scheme. I hope you will do an unbiased review about it and remove it from your list. For the sake of your many readers and your reputation.

  2. was own by native of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria and his name is called RUFUS JOHN ISIP

    He scammed thousands of his people and ran away with millions of dollars. He even boasted that no man or woman can arrest him.

    His Facebook name is Isip Cfa

    He was declared wanted by Efcc and pls report him if you know his where about

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