We Share Abundance (WESA) Platform Review: Dubious Platform, Doomed Currency, Dangerous Founder

We Share Abundance WESA review

Halleluya everybody…lol

Okay I’m doing my best here to hold my laughter

WESA platform actually promises to take us back to the biblical garden of Eden.


Oh no, they didn’t? Yes, they did.

Yes, it calls itself EDEN-REVISITED. I watched the 18-minute presentation on the weshareabundance.com website and lots of things jump out. A lot to unpack. I’ll do my best to get to all the core points.

Let’s get started

First Impressions:

I have to be honest, the fact that the WESA (weshareabundance.com) using the bible to market its platform waters down everything they had to say for me. Just reading the intro talking about returning the world to paradise through this platform just drove me mad immediately. Listening to We Share Abundance (WESA) founder feels like being manipulated by a snake-oil selling televangelist. This WESA founder dude just seems like Pastor-preneur to me. And that’s a huge red flag. But let’s get into it.

Summary and general thoughts

Maybe this is not a scam, just a case of a platform trying to get people to help drive up (pumping) the price of its cryptocurrency WESA tokens which by the way is almost totally useless. And that’s not a bad thing. The only reason bitcoin is worth the amount is worth today is because more and more people continue to use it. Other currencies like DOGECOIN should ordinarily be worth nothing but it’s been pumped by users but no one is under any illusion that DOGECOIN is just a joke currency. The problem with the We Share Abundance platform and WESA token is it pretends to be much more by hiding its true intentions behind bible rhetoric. Towards the end of the 18-minute presentation, the founder claims using WESA will ‘make you feel good and find true happiness’. What does that even mean? Are we back to kindergarten being taught fables and all? Damn…I’m scratching my head.

Wesa citizens

Who is the founder of WESA (We Share Abundance)?

Graham Frame claims to be the founder. Not much is known about this bible wielding individual. The fact that he’ll orchestrate this scheme makes him dangerous in my opinion. He must surely know all of his assumptions are not grounded in reality and people can lose money in the long run. Yet he’s moving ahead with this pipe dream.

What WESA claims to be:

WESA’s weshareabundance platform markets itself as a community built around service to others and so create a sustainable economy that serves as hope to the poor. It basically says it’s going to cure world suffering.

Of course, all these claims are dubious. Especially due to the fact there is nothing substantial in terms of a discernible plan to realize these lofty claims.

Wesa nation

WHAT’s the WESA token?

This is the currency of the We Share Abundance ecosystem (and WESA community). WESA token at its core is just another cryptocurrency. Forget all the biblical references of Eden and Paradise the platform whips up to manipulate gullible religious folks into thinking the WESA token was inspired by God himself. I think using these religious gimmicks to market the WESA token actually does more harm than good. It might end up alienating non-christian folks.

I’m more concerned with details about the actual technicality of the WESA token which remains sketchy at best.

What kind of cryptocurrency is WESA? Is it based on the Ethereum blockchain? Is it an ERC-20 token? Is the smart contract independently audited? We Share Abundance stays silent about all these issues, instead choosing to emphasize irrelevant non-existent religious affiliations.

How much are WESA tokens worth?

According to the weshareabundance website, the worth of WESA tokens is calculated in two ways. The first way is ‘based upon the Gross National Product of our nation’. Okay…lol. This means nothing. Just mean they can call it any price they choose. Yes, that’s exactly what it means. WESA’s term for that is Guaranteed Minimum Value. This means the value of WESA tokens will be fixed. Of course, no one will give a crap about this price in the real world.

Okay, the second way to determine the worth of WESA tokens makes more sense. And that’s what really determines the price in the real world. You guessed it and you’re right. It is demand and supply.

The platform claims WESA tokens will be worth 4 or 5 digits in dollars before the end of 2021.

Another ridiculous assumption to lure the greedy.

How to join the We Share Abundance Platform (WESA)?

You can join them by registering on their website here. You can also join their Facebook group. Or just go to exchanges where it is traded and buy WESA tokens.

How to make profits on WESA?

WESA claims you can make profits on their platform in many ways

  • You can join their platform for free and earn $50 a month in WESA tokens by completing simple ridiculous tasks like logging in daily and reading your messages. (insert eye-roll emoji)
  • You can buy WESA tokens now and believe the misguided assumption that the price will increase just like bitcoin did. No kidding WESA compares its potential growth to bitcoin. Crazy.
  • You can stake WESA tokens. This means after joining the platform you can choose not to exchange your monthly WESA profit but give it back to the platform to provide liquidity and you earn monthly interest. WESA staking also comes with benefits that will include granting you access to a pool of other members to who you can promote your services.
WESA token staking
  • Refer others to join the platform. According to WESA, if you are consistent with referring people to the platform, your profit can be increased from the usual 10 percent to 100 percent.
  • You can sell your free WESA tokens to other members

Is WESA a scam?

Unclear. But it’s a shady platform where you can easily lose money if the assumptions of potential growth of WESA tokens are false.

How popular is the We Share Abundance platform (WESA)?

WESA is growing in popularity especially in poor countries like Nigeria. The weshareabundance.com website sees over 60,000 daily visits. That’s huge. Many people from predominantly third world-countries are the ones getting behind this scheme and understandably so. The promise of fixed income however little and the potential to make so much money if the WESA tokens price increase is irresistible for some. Of course, ideasdomes.com readers know a platform could be so popular and still end up being a scam. Remember Softradeai platform? We’ve also seen many mining platforms enjoy massive popularity only to turn out to be scams.

When was the WESA website started?

I’ll give the founder of this scheme some credit. He actually believes this platform stands a chance for success as evidenced by the fact the domain name is registered for 10 years. The weshareabundance.com domain was bought purchased in 2019-09-29 and will expire in 2029-09-29

Why I don’t recommend the platform?

  • In the 18-minute presentation on the website, the Founder himself confesses at least one weakness of the WESA tokens. It has low liquidity. The implication of this converting your WESA tokens to actual spendable currency will be difficult in the long run.
  • Testimonials of some of their members already reveal a difficulty in making withdrawals from the platform
  • WESA is crafty, manipulative, and exploitative. Why WESA can’t just put out its cryptocurrency without any ridiculous claims like ending poverty, and bringing about biblical paradise beats me.
  • We Share Abundance platform makes too many assumptions (growth rate of WESA tokens)
  • I don’t see a utility for WESA tokens outside the WESA platform.
  • It alienates non-Christain folks by pushing bible narrative down their throat and making weird statements like using WESA will make you feel good and find true happiness
  • The whole point of this WESA platform seems to be to get people to join in order to pump this weird WESA token.

Anyway, that’s the weshareabundance review.

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