Yes, you read that correctly. I signed up to this scam just to give you an overview so you don’t have to waste your time doing so. Later in this review, I’ll also provide you with my username and password so you can check it out yourself while I present you the facts about the platform. Before we go ahead, let’s get the first question out of the way.

Is Wiredbucks a scam?

Yes, it is. Details below

What is

In summary, Wiredbucks claims to be an influencer network where you get paid for inviting your friends to the network, taking surveys, signing up, etc. Almost any mundane task you do on Wiredbucks will get you paid….lol. If this looks familiar there’s a reason. We’ve seen a countless number of these types of programs before. Who remembers cashcrater, paid2share,, and many more? They all had one thing in common – they all stopped paying and ended up being scams. Wiredbucks will not be an exception. Read on.

How lures users?

  • By presenting the platform as Free to join
  • The promise of earning huge for performing easy tasks

It’s easy to want to give it a try since it’s FREE to join. After all, you have nothing to lose? Actually, you do have a lot to lose. Platforms like this engage in data harvesting scams. They collect lots of personal information on users like Name, Email, Social media details, Paypal, and other payment information. profit from this information by selling your information to other scammers and spammers. It’s not uncommon for these sites to also try to break into your accounts or engage in identity theft.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give out your information. Because I gave out mine and will give you the username and password so you see for yourself.

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But first, a few red flags

Before I signed up to join Wiredbucks, I decided to look around and I found red flags that I’ve listed and fact-checked below.

  • Ridiculous profits: These scammers try to take advantage of the user’s greed and Wiredbucks is no exception. This is usually a red-flag considering there is no free money on the internet. And high payments like this are not sustainable. Think about it. If no hanky-panky is going on why will a free to join platform offer you high rates just to perform simple tasks? It just doesn’t add up. For example here are 3 of Wiredbucks ridiculous claims

You can make your first $200 in a single day

–  Get $25 signup bonus

–  Earn $10 for every friend you invite

  • Fake recent cashout display: Wiredbucks display of ‘users’ who have been paid by the platform is obviously fake and it’s just to lure users into this scam. The display keeps changing every minute…lol. Come on. There’s no way a platform that started in April 2020 would have enough users to account for payments by the minute.

  • Wiredbucks claims to be the ‘#1 influencer network’: Another obvious lie considering the platform just started in April 2020
  • More lies in the FAQ section: Under the Frequently Asked Section of the homepage, Wiredbucks claims its parent company has been in the industry since 2008 with now over 200,000 members who have earned over 400 million dollars. Let that sink in. Crazy claims like this require at least a semblance of proof to back it up. But Wiredbucks did not disclose the name and website of this parent company. I can only think of one reason – It’s all lies.

It is ironic the platform also claims to be ‘straight transparent’ to its members. That couldn’t be farther from the truth

  • Non-functional contact form: I decided to message them using the contact form at the bottom of their homepage. I requested information about the parent company and then I hit the ‘send message’ button. It doesn’t work. Instead, it displays an error. I figured has that section there just to make the site look good. This brings to my next red flag

  • Fishy ‘contact us’ section: This actually got me laughing out loud. Either the people behind are just messing with us or have just gone completely crazy. I decided to check the address given. Other reviews are claiming it is fake. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is way funnier than that. Would you believe it? These scammers used the sample address found on the website theme (template) they used for their website. They didn’t even bother to change the address or the phone number on the Moderna demo theme to a different one. They thought no one would find out. Alas, I did.

  • Undisclosed founder(s): Typical of most scams, does not contain any information about its founder(s)

Now let’s take a look at inside the platform.

See if you can spot some red flags too.

Here are the username and password I signed up with.

Username: betty2421

Password: Password1

Red flags after signing in

  1. Ridiculous profits: Anytime you sign in, you’re greeted with the same ridiculous promise of making outrageous profits.

2. Personal details collected: It’s fishy that wired bucks want all your details. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I clicked on the YouTube requirement and they want you to make a video promoting to the world how you got paid on the platform. Don’t be deceived, this platform will only pay very few people if at all. For obvious reasons, I did not reveal any of my social media details to this platform.

3. Fake payout: This got me laughing. There’s no way a platform without a legitimate source of revenue will pay out such huge sums found in the leaderboard section of the platform. Use my login details given above and see for yourself.

4. Outrageous surveys: If you’ve ever taken a survey before, you’ll find Wiredbucks offers suspicious. No legitimate survey company will pay you $30 just to enter a few personal details. Obviously, Wiredbucks will sell your information to third party scammers. And in the end, it will still not pay you. That’s a lose-lose for you.

In conclusion, the Wiredbucks platform is no good. These scammers will sell your information for money to third parties who might hack into your account (like PayPal) and steal your funds. You will also be frequently spammed with useless content.

What other red flags have you found? Let us know in the comment section below.

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