Yuki Inu: Another dog meme coin set for the moon

Yuki Inu review

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It’s dog meme coin season y’all and Yuki Inu is the newest most promising kid on the block. Memecoin also falls under the asset class popularly referred to as Penny Crypto because of its cheap price. At this point, everyone has heard about the meteoric rise of the now famous Shiba Inu tokens which is a dog meme coin based on the Elon Musk-backed doge meme coin Dogecoin which is a bitcoin knock-off. A sub-niche that started as a joke has now made speculators millions of dollars. In May 2021 Dogecoin first hit the $0.5 milestone meaning it has achieved growth of over 20,000% in one year. Shiba Inu itself achieved an increase of over 1700% and entered top 15 list of top rated crypto by market cap. This guy here made almost $6 million from an initial investment of $17. Akita Inu Has followed suit too with a profit surge of its own.

All of this massive progress means meme coins can no longer be ignored. Attempts to discredit meme cryptos as a bubble or fad have all fallen flat and this crypto sub-niche has come to stay. Its passionate communities of fans and holders continue to validate its existence. Memecoins are not useless as some crypto purist would have you believe. Meme coins are a great way to further propel global adoption of cryptocurrency because it shows the industry isn’t just for the nerds, it’s got a fun side too. Most importantly, as explained in my guide here, you can get rich off meme coins. Many have but DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Another dog meme coin is set to take the meme crypto industry by storm.

Launched on May 17 2021 with a presale, the Yuki Inu token is a meme coin based on the Shiba Inu token.

Perhaps as an indication of the greatness embodied by Yuki Inu, the presale sold out in 2 minutes with 300 BNB raised.

Yuki Inu presale
Yuki Inu presale

In less than 1 hour, it already had 4000+ holders as tracked on bscscan.

4k holders in 1 hour
4k holders in 1 hour

Branded as the ‘happiest meme token’ Yuki Inu (Ticker: YUKINU) might have been inspired by Shiba Inu but what stands it out is its exceptional buy-back and burn mechanism. Its still anonymous developers (Note: Shiba’s founders are anonymous too) designed Yukinu as a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. 20% of its liquidity in BNB and Yukinu would be used to buy back and burn Yukinu tokens.

The tokens start with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. Furthermore, there’s an 8% charge on every transaction, 4% of which will be added to the liquidity and the remaining 4% redistributed to YUKINU holders thus providing a unique incentive for holders to increase the value of their portfolio just by holding YUKINU.

Anyone can purchase YUKINU tokens on pancake swap decentralized exchange. All you need to do is send some amount of BNB (Binance Smart Chain) to your trust wallet or meta mask and connect to pancakeswap and swap for YUKINU (Yuki Inu).

You can use the tutorial here as a guide to purchasing any penny crypto including Yuki Inu. For more information visit the website here. Also, join the passionate telegram community here

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