Zeekron: A Shady Bureau De Change And Investment Platform

Zeekron review

So this is different

Zeekron.com registered its domain name on February 1, 2020. On the homepage of the Zeekron.com website, it claims to be a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies like USD, GBP (some kind of bureau de change) from the comfort of your home, and has a mission to help stop street trading. This is what Zeekron pretends to be. The whole looks pretty convincing like many of these fake schemes.

Thankfully I know better so I registered so I can fish out all the red flags.

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What Zeekron is actually about

As soon as I registered and got access to my dashboard, Zeekron.com website soon changed its tunes. It soon became obvious that Zeekron’s mission isn’t about anything other than making money for the company. The first information that greeted me upon logging in isn’t about buying and selling currencies but rather everything became about investing anywhere from 10,000 naira to 500,000 naira so Zeekron can trade currencies for you. From the currency (naira), you can already tell that this scheme originates from Nigeria.

Once you join the program, you’ll be mandated to input your bank information.

The different payment plans

Can we just take a moment to laugh at the weird names of these plans? Lol. Is everything about Zeekron just weird? Check out the plans and the amount to join each. Zeekron claim each plan could earn up to 40% interest in just 30 days

Starter pack: 10,000 naira

Marun Pack: 20,000 naira

Sartin Pack: 30,000 naira

Virond Pack: 40,000 naira

Classic Pack: 50,000 naira

Bronx Pack: 100,000 naira

Gold Pack: 200,000 naira

Premium Pack: 300,000 naira (new users not eligible for this)

Platinum Pack: 500, 000 naira (new users not eligible for this)

Zeekron payment
Zeekron payment

If you click any of these plans, you’ll be taken to a new page with the account details to deposit the funds. The gsm number given 08138908198 belongs to Mitchel Nwachukwu (Truecaller data)

Is Zeekron paying?

And if you must know, yes they are paying. But this should not be the ultimate decider as to whether you invest or not, the reason being most of these Ponzi schemes which I suspect Zeekron to be, pay for a while until they eventually disappear.

It soon became obvious that Zeekron investment model is dodgy and scammy. I spotted so many red flags.

1. Fake Threats: As soon as I registered and logged in, I was immediately greeted with a threatening message to invest within 24 hours or my account will be suspended automatically. This is a long overused move by scammers to get the unsuspecting to invest as soon as possible without thinking things through. Anyway, I called Zeekron’s bluff and many days later they’re yet to suspend my account. They never will until they achieve their goal of scamming me.

Zeekron threat
Zeekron threat

2. Dishonest Statements: Zeekron is dishonest about whether they are a registered company or not. The truth is they are not. But Zeekron tries to claim they are connected to one Apex Webb International Company which they say is registered (no proof of that by the way). Why can’t Zeekron be registered separately? There’s something fishy going on here.

3. You can earn by spamming others: Zeekron presents people the opportunity to earn 50k naira by spamming your friends and family on social media like Facebook. I guess that’s why many gullible people are promoting this scam because they too want to earn 50k…lol.

4. The founder of Zeekron is not known.

5. The website is full of glitches.

6. Promised huge returns of 40% monthly aren’t sustainable.

The real reason why people are joining Zeekron

You know it. I know it. The reason why many are joining is because of the promise of high referral commissions.

Zeekron referral program is divided into 2.

The regular referrals get you 10% commissions. While if you join the Zeekron promotion team for 5000 nairas (now 2000 naira) you can also invite others to the program and earn 50% in referral earnings. You can check out their recruitment adverts on olist.ng

It’s unfair and wicked to recruit others to a garbage investment scheme like this.

In conclusion

Let’s not forget these guys claim to be involved in a bureau de change service buying and selling currencies but they are not registered. There is no guarantee you won’t lose your funds and when you do, there’ll be no one to hold responsible.

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2 thoughts on “Zeekron: A Shady Bureau De Change And Investment Platform

  1. Zeekron is a scan site they say they pay 40% but they never pay you that,
    Presently they have not been paying their investor
    They are owing some investor for over 3 months

  2. They paid me but when I referred a friend they have not paid him it hasn’t been up to a month though still waiting but they paid me this year

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