Swissdub Review: Lame Marketing Tricks – A Major Red Flag


I caught wind of the scam investment platform Swissdublike most people did – through the comment section of a popular website. I was searching through (Side note: I’m a football fanatic. Better don’t let me hear you call it soccer beside me) on a random day, and so a weird comment cleverly tucked in amongst a sea of other comments. platform faux marketers are on the prowl, hounding one popular platform after another. The incident led me down a rabbit hole where I discovered other popular websites whose comment sections have been infested by these marketers. Not that it’s a crime to promote in comment sections, but you wouldn’t see any serious investment platform using these cheap attempts at getting organic traffic. Experience will tell you as much. 

With spidey senses sharp as a tack, I embarked on a journey to discover more red flags. Consider the below review of the Swissdub Platform.

Come along

First, a little introduction. presents itself as a “Legitimate Peer-2-Peer donation platform,” except it’s nothing more than another soporific Ponzi scheme.

Red Flags of the Swissdub Platform

  1. Domain name: Like most Ponzi schemes, Swissdub isn’t built to last long. The domain name was registered on 22-10-13 to expire precisely one year later (23-10-13)
  2. Investment plans: The platform offers 4 ridiculous investment plan denominated in naira (so it’s obviously a Nigerian scam), all of which promises a return of 100% in just 24 hours. Can you imagine?
  1. Basic Website Design: The website uses a throwaway sample template. You already know why
  2. Anonymous team: Neither the Swissdub website nor the domain info lists any founder or team members as the brainbox behind the platform. That way, it’s easy to close shop whenever they are tired of stealing money without anyone being held responsible.
  3. Swissdub has not registered as a company anywhere in the world. They couldn’t even be bothered to get the company house certificate most Ponzi schemes love. 

Even after all of the above, many will still ask, ‘but is it paying?’ might be paying for now, but who knows how long that’ll last? All Ponzi schemes pay for a while before they pull their ultimate heist.

This has been a platform review.

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