Best Shitcoin (penny crypto) list for investment in 2021

shitcoin list

As a follow up to my guide here about how to make millions investing in shitcoins (also known as poocoins or penny crypto), the following is my personal list of potentially highly profitable shitcoins picks for every month based on my research. Remember, this is not investment advice. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR). Investing in penny crypto is risky but it’s a gamble that’s often worth it when it pays off.

I’ve decided to divide this list of shitcoins into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The bad ones always make more profit than the good. By ‘bad’, I mean penny cryptos that are created as a joke or based on a meme and without any real discernible use cases at least not yet. The crypto world is crazy like that. These ‘bad’ cryptos get popular fast and can make you huge profits. This guy here made $5.9 million from the Shiba Inu token (based on a meme) after an investment of $17. Others have also turned millionaires through dogecoin (another popular meme coin). The point is ‘bad’ crypto can be profitable.

Now let’s talk about what I call ‘good’ shitcoins. These are penny cryptos with actual use cases that make sense or pretends to. They are also based on a sound technical framework. They can also be profitable in the long term. I buy good shitcoins as a long-term investment, while I make easy profits on the bad shitcoins within a couple of weeks to months. Usually, I invest between $5 — $100 on each.

With all of that said, let’s begin

April 2021

Good shitcoins: Philosoraptor (Raptor) (On pancakeswap)

Bad shitcoins:

May 2021

Good shitcoins: SafeEarth (on Uniswap)

Bad shitcoins: Yuki Inu, Elonsperm (on pancakeswap), SafeBank

June 2021

Uncategorized: Pawgcoin ($Pawgs) (on Pancakeswap), Gabecoin (on Pancakeswap), TreeCoin (on Pancakeswap)

Good shitcoins: Kooopa tokens (coming soon on Uniswap and Sushiswap)

July 2021

Good shitcoin (in fact great non-shitcoin): (Now available on pancakeswap and uniswap)

August 2021

Bad Shitcoin: Soda Coin, Super Floki

Uncategorized: TasteNFT, Banana Cake, Panda Inu
Good shitcoin: PSG (available on binance),

October 2021

Good shitcoin (read: not a shitcoin): Kart Racing League, NFT Racers

2022 update

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