Bitrue Power Piggy: Passive Income at its Finest.

Bitrue power piggy review

No fluff, we are going straight to the point with this review so you can start earning passive income on Bitrue Power Piggy in the next 20 minutes. (if you’re in a hurry, just scroll down to the getting started section to see how to setup and get started on Power Piggy in 4 easy steps but I recommend reading the entire post to get the complete information)

First, you need to know Bitrue is a crypto exchange platform like Binance, BitMEX, and the rest. Exchanges have similar features so it’s difficult for less popular exchanges like Bitrue to stand out from the competition with top-tier exchanges like Binance already having the major share of the market. To stand out, less popular exchanges come up with fantastic features to attract new users.

That’s how I landed on the Bitrue exchange. I don’t care to use Bitrue other services, I already have Binance for that. But there’s this awesome feature on Bitrue called Power Piggy that I just love and can’t get enough of.

And once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it too.

Bitrue Power Piggy feature is, to be honest, what keeps me on the Bitrue platform


How to earn passive income with Bitrue Power Piggy

When it comes to passive income features, one of the primary things I’m looking out for is the ease at which I can set it up. Getting into Bitrue Power Piggy is so easy but before I show you how to get started, let me quickly explain what it’s about

What is and Why Bitrue Power Piggy?

It’s a staking feature that allows you to earn fixed interest on your cryptocurrency assets by just keeping it on the platform. There are several coins supported with different interest rates (APR) – XRP, BTC, MDX, SAFEMOON, SOL, DOGE, MATIC, USDC (yes, even stablecoins), and many more. The interest rate is attractive too. It could be anywhere between 2.5% APR (for DOGE) or slightly less to as much as 60% APR (for CAKE). Just click on details in front of each coin and you get to see the rules such as minimum amount to join, rewards distribution (usually every day), and much more. Decide on a coin to stake before depositing on the platform.

bitrue apr
bitrue apr

And the most beautiful thing about it all?
No lock-up meaning you can unfreeze your coin and pull it out any time you want. Perhaps you had staked CAKE worth $1000 and 3 days later you needed to withdraw $600 urgently, you can do so while your balance ($400) continues to accrue interest.

Okay now that you know, let’s get started in these easy steps

Getting Started


Step 1: Click this link to sign up for a Bitrue account (use my link to get a discount)

Step 2: Place the cursor on your username in the top right corner and click account. You’re in this section because you need to do the basic security verification with your phone number. Easy stuff.

On the right-hand side click on security and then scroll down to two-factor authentication. Under mobile number click on bind and follow the prompt. It’s easy and self-explanatory.

(Note: I did all of this on my laptop)

security bind number
security bind number

Next, you’ll be required to do a Google authentication. On your phone, download the Twilio authenticator app (on play store or apple store) and then use it to scan the QR code shown on your computer screen. This will unveil a 6- digit code which you’ll input in your Bitrue account to complete registration. Remember to backup your secret key.

bitrue security
bitrue security

Okay, that’s it on registration


Step 3: Next, you need to deposit your crypto asset (e.g BTC, USDC, SAFEMOON, etc.) on Bitrue to yield interest. Place the cursor on Assets in the near top right of your screen and select Deposit. This will take you to a different page. Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit and get the deposit address. Then transfer the crypto to Bitrue. Easy.

(You can transfer from any wallet (I use Trustwallet) or exchange (I use Binance)

And finally, make your crypto work for you with Bitrue power piggy

Joining Power Piggy

Step 4: Click the Power Piggy button on the middle top of your screen. Find the coin you just deposited and will like to earn interest on. Click Details to see the minimum amount to stake and other details and FAQ. Then scroll up to enter the amount you want to allocate to power piggy. Click join. That’s it. Every day, you get to earn interest on this coin. Remember, you can pull out at any point.

joining Bitrue Power Piggy

I don’t know about you but I ain’t pulling out anytime soon. Bitrue Power Piggy is passive income at its finest.

One more thing if a coin is sold out (reached daily cap limit), just wait until the next day and get in early before the day’s cap is reached.

That’s the review guys. Stake your cryptocurrency on Bitrue Power Piggy today and enjoy passive income at its finest. After registration, you can download the Bitrue App on Playstore, Apple store and everywhere else.

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