Diversity-Fund Review: A Track Record Of Consistency

diversity fund review


Summary: Diversity-fund is a safe, risk-free method to invest in different online platforms. Read the full review below as well as the getting started section where I provide a step by step guide on joining the platform.

The challenge for most trying to invest in different online platforms has been how to tell apart the genuine ones from the fake. Every day new platforms promising all sorts of mouthwatering offers continue to flood the market.  Most of them turn out to be scams or at best Ponzi and pyramids. But many people with an appetite for risks continue to fall for these schemes. The best advice experts in the market give are to spread your risk by spreading your funds across several online investment platforms instead of sticking with one that could crash without warning. Prudent and risk-averse people are also careful not to throw money easily at these schemes without proper extensive research. But we are all pressed for time, right? The diversity-fund company observed this gaping need and decided to jump in to assist.

Diversity-fund is an online ad agency with a cashback program that also doubles as an investment platform although indirectly. This company has different offers that allow you to buy into their ad program and allowing you to advertise your business, website, or whatever you decide.

But that’s not all, you also get to earn

Your subscription fee also grants you access to earn at least 115% ROI on your deposited amount. Wow.

Diversity-fund as the name suggests diversifies their portfolio by spreading their risk across several online investment platforms. What does this mean? In basic terms, it means they have taken up all the risks for you. Rather than testing out different platforms yourself and losing your money to scam schemes, diversity-fund will do the testing instead for you, and regardless of whether the platforms they joined turn out to be a scam (Remember Softradeai. See review) or not, Diversity-fund will pay you your promised ROI. Awesome right?

Why should you trust diversity-fund? Why should you join?

  • Their track record: Diversity-fund started with the domain name diversity-fund.biz in 2016. Edmund Wells is one of the top admins of the platform. Most Ponzi crash within the first 6 months which is why I’m convinced diversity-fund.biz isn’t a Ponzi considering it’s been around for 4 years now and still paying. What’s more, it shows you actual proof of the over 15 investment platforms they are affiliated with. Diversity-fund.biz has grown to over 8300 members with traffic coming from more than 200 countries. But then COVID-19 happened which cost them a lot of money and meant they had to restructure the platform. This has led to the current migration to another domain name diversityfundclub.com

Diversityfundclub.com is the same as the previous domain with a few minor changes such as referral commissions and a reduced ROI to ensure sustainability. Every other selling point from transparency to communication and customer support remain top-notch. As a bonus, the new Diversity Fund Club website also has a modern, highly intuitive design which makes navigation extremely easy. You need to check it out and compare it with the old diversity-fund.biz website. The difference is clear

  • Proof of payment: Diversity-fund.biz proof of payments is real. I say this from experience. Feel free to go on the recent payout section of their old website and check. See the screenshot below. I’m convinced the newly structured website diversityfundclub.com will maintain this track record of integrity.
  • Transparency: Diversity-fund is so transparent even going the extra length of providing you a rundown of most of the platforms they’ve invested in and the status of their investment. Expectedly some of their investment went bad due to some companies that turned out to be a scam. Diversity-fund does not hide this information from you either. Everything is spelled out.
Running Portfolio
diversity-fund full disclosure
  • Responsive customer support: Diversity-fund admins are eager to help you with any questions and concerns you might have in the course of using their platform
    • High Alexa Ranking: The old website Diversity-fund.biz is ranked high on Alexa in its niche revealing this is not a ghost platform. It has high engagement and presence in over 200 countries.
    • Ad services: Diversity-fund is an ad platform that allows you to place banners and other ads on its platform helping you reach thousands of users worldwide.
    • Referral system: Another way to earn additional income on Diversity-fund is by joining its referral program. The new Diversity Fund Club website pays 2%. It’s not much I know but the reason makes sense. Only Ponzi schemes pay outrageous referral commissions.

Getting Started On Diversity-Fund

Note: Since Diversity-fund.biz is gradually moving to diversityfundclub.com we suggest you join the new website instead of the old. But if you’re curious you can start from the old one since it’s still in operation. We explain how to join the new website below

Step By Step Process Of Joining Diversity Fund Club

Important: Before you begin, ensure you have enough BTC in your BTC wallet. This will depend on the number of profit packs you want to buy as shown below. If you need to buy more BTC, you can do so on Paxful here.

diversity fund club plan

Step 1: Click here to go to the website. Then click register.

Step 2: Fill in the required details and click ‘Register’

Diversity fund
Diversity fund 3

Step 3: Confirm registration by clicking the link in the email sent to you. If it’s not in your inbox, it’s in the spam folder. Mine was in spam.

Diversity fund 3

Step 4: Login and deposit funds (BTC). Click on ‘Money’ in the sidebar and click ‘Deposit’.

Diversity fund 4
Diversity fund club

Step 5: Fill in the details, select coinpayments, and click Deposit. Follow the instructions and send BTC from your wallet to the address shown to you

Diversity fund club

To Purchase A Plan

Step 6: Select ‘Profit packs’ on the sidebar and select ‘profit packs’

Diversity fund club

Step7: Fill in how many packs you want to buy and pay via  ‘purchase balance’

Diversity fund club

That is all. Log in anytime you want to watch as your interest grows. Keep earning!

For questions about renting and earning, please see the FAQ section here

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